Fire Marshal

Safe & Happy Winter

Let's all have a safe and happy winter season:

  • Remember to change smoke detector batteries when you change the clocks.
  • Be kind to the town emergency responders by making sure your house numbers are visible from the road.
  • Remove accumulated snow from around fire hydrants.

Alternative Heating Devices

With rising fuel costs anticipated this winter be aware of using alternative heating devices. Fire places, wood/coal and pellet stoves need their chimneys cleaned on a regular basis. Additional use of these devices will require that chimneys and flues be cleaned more often throughout the winter season.

Other portable heating devices such as electric heaters and electric blankets should be used with care. Be sure that the electrical outlet is rated for the appliance. Never use extension cords with these items as these devices may overheat due to prolonged current draw. Also, never position portable heaters close to other items that can catch fire.

Using unapproved gas appliances or space heaters as a source of heat can produce dangerous carbon monoxide within the home. Call the Building Department for more information.

Use Candles with Care

With Fire protection week being October 9-15, this year's awareness theme is "Use Candles with Care."

National statistics show that candle fires are one of the few types of home fires that have drastically increased over the past 10 years, and that 2 out of 5 home candle fires start in the bedrooms. Beginning in December, the number of monthly candle fires nearly doubles and the leading source of fuel is holiday decorations.

When you use candles for romantic dinners, atmosphere and celebrations, you're dealing with an open flame. Always use a sturdy non-combustible candle holder that won't tip over easily and is large enough to collect dripping wax. Place the candle on a sturdy uncluttered surface. Keep candles at least 2 feet away from anything that can burn. Never place candles in windows or near doorways where drafts could bring combustibles in contact with the open flame.

As a candle is an open flame device always extinguish candles when they burn down to 2 inches of their holder. Be careful not to splatter the hot wax. Never leave burning candles or glowing wicks unattended.