*Appointments are recommended for meeting with the Assessor to ensure she will be available at the time of you visit. Call X219 to set up an appointment. Thank you

Field Cards

Field Cards and maps can be emailed, there is no fee for electronic field cards. In-office services have printing fees of $0.50 cents per page, field cards are $1 per.

Please Note: All requests for historical field cards for zoning applications must be made in writing, cards will be emailed within 48 hours or as time allows. If printed cards are requested there is a $1 fee per copy. 

Notable Deadlines

The Assessor would like to inform residents of the following important dates and deadlines. All forms and proofs unless noted must be filed in the Assessor’s office located at the Town Hall.

Assessment Date of Taxable Property

The assessment date of taxable property for the Town of Old Lyme is October 1st of each calendar year.

Per Connecticut State Statute Section 12-62(b) Revaluations of Real Property occur every five years; our next town-wide revaluation will be October 1, 2024.

For any questions in regards to the following exemptions and benefits please contact our office at 860-434-1605, ext. 219.

Building Permits & Property Inspections

Beginning in the month of May the Assessor and staff will be conducting field reviews and building permit inspections on an ongoing basis. If you have an open building permit you and you would rather schedule an appointment, please call our office at x 218 to schedule. If you see us out and about in town, feel free to say hello. 

Income & Expense Filing due JUNE 1, 2023 

Section 12-63c (d) of the Connecticut General Statutes requires any owner of income producing real property to file an Income and Expense Report annually no later than the close of business June 1st. This includes owners of real property that is rented or leased, including commercial, retail, industrial and residential property of 6 or more units.

In accordance with Section 12-63c(d) of the Connecticut General Statutes, an owner of rental real property who fails to file this form or files an incomplete or false form with the intent to defraud, shall be subject to a penalty assessment equal to a ten percent (10%) increase in the assessed value of such property.



To qualify for any of the applicable exemptions under Section 12-81 Veterans must have filed Honorable Discharge (DD214) in the Town Clerk's office by September 30th. Veterans must have served during a time of War as defined in (Section 27-103)

Section 12-81 (g) provides for an increase in the property tax exemption amount granted to a qualified Veteran if certain income requirements are met. Disabled Veterans are eligible for an exemption in addition to the regular exemption with the filing of a disability rating from the Veterans Administration.

Active Duty Service Members

Under the Federal Servicemember Civil Relief Act persons on active duty must present to the Assessor a current earning and leave a statement or a letter from their Commanding Officer along with a yearly application for exemption. Any Service member on active duty claiming Connecticut as their legal residence must file prior to December 31st.

Motor Vehicle Adjustments

If you have recently sold, junked, or traded a vehicle please see the Motor Vehicle Adjustments page for the required documents.

To check your registration status:  DMV Verify Registration Link

Vehicle disposal documents and exemption documents may be mailed or submitted via email. Documents may be dropped through the mail slot located at the front of the Town Hall. Please do not drop sensitive financial documents via the mail slot without notifying us for pick up.