Town Woods Park

Town Woods Park

The Town Woods Park was created to be enjoyed by the residents and organizations of Lyme and Old Lyme (LOL). The Town Woods (TW) Park facility is managed by the Lyme and Old Lyme Parks and Recreation Commissions. The park includes:

  • Three sports fields
    • Field 1 measures 300 by 165 feet
    • Fields 2 and 3 measure 360 by 195 feet
  • A practice area - adjacent to Field 3
  • Playground
  • Parking
  • Field House

 The park is open every day until sunset during the spring, summer, and fall. The park is closed during the winter.

View Town Woods Park Historical Information (PDF).

Scheduling of Fields

  1. All requests for LOL organizations field(s) usage for practices, games or events are to be forwarded to Don Bugbee, the Director of Old Lyme Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Director, OL) by either e-mail, phone (860-434-1605, Ext. 235) or mail (52 Lyme St., Old Lyme, CT  06371) at least 4 weeks prior to the requested dates.
  2. Each organization is responsible for having only one representative contacting the Parks and Recreation Director, OL. It is also the responsibility of each organization to inform it coaches, members, etc. to contact their respective field scheduling representative for scheduling of their team and/or group requests.
  3. The field representative for each organization will provide each request to the Parks and Recreation Director, OL with the following information: date, start and anticipated end time, number of teams and/or anticipated number of participants.  
  4. The Parks and Recreation Director, OL will then respond to the requests in a timely manner based on availability and field conditions.  

Note: Teams and/or organizations that do not follow this procedure may not be granted access to the TW Park field(s).

Order of Priority of Use by Organizations of Lyme and Old Lyme

  • LOL Parks and Recreation Department teams and events.
  • LOL Sports Clubs teams and events (Lacrosse, Soccer, etc.).
  • Regional District 18 teams and events.
  • Other organizations from the Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme.
  • Residents of Lyme and Old Lyme and their friends anytime fields are available.

Note: Seasonal priorities: Spring-Lacrosse; Fall-Soccer

Lining of Sports Fields

LOL Parks and Recreation (Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme) will provide lining of the fields by the contracted professional landscaping company during the Spring Lacrosse and Fall Soccer seasons. Field lining for activities outside of these seasons and during the summer is the responsibility of the organization requesting field usage and will be scheduled and contracted by the OL Parks and Recreation Director. The lining of the field(s) will be done by the contracted professional landscaping company at the expense of the organization requesting field usage.

Prohibitions & Restrictions at Town Woods Park

  1. Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages or unauthorized controlled substances
  2. Illegal activities
  3. Vendors (except community-based groups for charitable/and or fundraising purposes approved by the Parks and Recreation Director, OL)
  4. Littering
  5. Parking on grass
  6. Golf
  7. Posting of signs
  8. Dogs and other pets
  9. Smoking in the Field House

Note: Violations may justify a permanent ban on the use of the park or prosecution by the law.


  1. All teams, groups, etc. must designate an adult responsible for the overall supervision of the group. Supervision is from the time group arrives until the last member of the group has left the premises. Supervision includes following the rules of the park and cleaning up any items left by the group and disposing them in a proper manner.
  2. At the request of the OL Parks and Recreation Director, uniformed police officers or other paid security agents may be required at the users’ expense for all activities where the probable number of people seems great enough to present a public safety, welfare, traffic, or crowd-control situation.


  1. Those groups or individuals applying for use of the Town Woods Park facility assume all responsibility and liability for any injury to persons and for injury to, or loss of Lyme and Old Lyme Towns property in connection to use of the Town Woods Park facility. The applicant must not hold the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme liable for any such loss or damages.  
  2. Each organization using Town Woods Park facilities must have group insurance for personal liability coverage for negligent acts as tenets. Proof of insurance and type and amount of liability insurance must be provided to the Parks and Recreation Director, OL prior to receiving permission to use Town Woods Park facilities.