Evacuating to a Red Cross Shelter

The American Red Cross wants you to know what to do if a hurricane, flood, chemical emergency, or other disaster threatens you and you need to leave your home or campground in a hurry.

If an emergency arises you may be asked to evacuate to a Red Cross Shelter by local government officials. This shelter may be located at a local school, Fire Department, church, or other facilities. This location will be identified by the local Emergency Management team and the American Red Cross. This information will be released to you by radio, television, or notification by town officials.

What to Bring in the Case of an Evacuation

If you are asked to evacuate, you are encouraged to bring the following things with you:

  • Medical Supplies: Prescriptions, eyeglasses, dentures
  • Baby Supplies: Diapers, formula, baby needs
  • Toiletries: Toothpaste and brush, shampoo, comb
  • Clothing: A change of clothing and extra pair of shoes
  • Bedding: A pillow, blanket or sleeping bag
  • Keys: Car keys and house keys
  • Important Documents: Drivers license, birth certificates, insurance policies
  • Phone Numbers: Include emergency numbers for family, friends, doctors, insurance companies, banks

What Not to Bring

Valuables, weapons, non-prescription medications, or pets (for safety reasons, pets are not allowed in Red Cross shelters. They can, however, be left in your vehicle at the shelter).

For more information, contact the American Red Cross at 860-678-2830 or 860-447-3248.