Open Space Land

The 105 acre Bartholomew Open Space (PDF) property is located just north of the railroad overpass on Buttonball Road. The loop trail is easy walking and takes about twenty minutes. Parking for two or three cars is available at the trail entrance.

The 195 acre Ames Family Preserve (PDF), which includes the Noyes parcel, has two entrances. The Whippoorwill Road entrance, located across the street from Pfeiffer's garage, about one hundred yards north of the bridge over I-95, is flooded due to beaver activity. Visitors should use the Evergreen Trail entrance (off of Boggy Hole Road).

The entrance to the 204-acre Champlain Farm South (PDF) property is located at the end of Meetinghouse Lane where there is parking for several cars at the cul-de-sac. A large sign showing the trails is at the entrance. There are several trails including a loop trail with connections to Library Lane and Whippoorwill Road. Hikers have the choice of following the old roadway or walking the loop trail that does have a few steep spots that may be slippery when wet. The ridge trail parallels the old wood road.

The entrance to the 65-acre Champlain Farm North (PDF) property is located just north of the Old Lyme Inn by way of Wyckford Road. There is a parking available at this property entrance. The trail starts here and follows the wood road to the Barbizon oak (16.5 feet in circumference, one of Connecticut's largest oaks). From the big oak there is a perimeter trail (orange markers) that heads north from the big oak to the stone wall marking the northern boundary, then it follows the stone wall to the east to a ridge where it turns south along the ridge all the way to the fence separating the property from I-95, then west along this fence, to the foundation of a huge barn, then back to the big oak. Much of the trail is rocky. Keep in mind that the ridges run north and south and that I-95 is the southern border of the property. The power line runs generally east and west. The perimeter trail takes an hour.

A tiny parcel called Lords Wood B provides access to the 185 acre Lay Property owned by The Old Lyme Land Trust. Two parking places are located on the right side of Lord's Meadow Lane in a designated graveled lot up against a wooden rail. Please do not block the private driveway.

The Four Mile River Road property of almost 30 acres has no designated trails, but you can hike in under the power line to the top of the ridge for a challenging walk.