Horseneck Creek Landing

Horseneck-Creek-Landing SignA three-acre town owned property located at 36-1 Buttonball Road was named “Horseneck Creek Landing” in 2023 per the Board of Selectman.  

The property is cooperatively managed by the Open Space Commission and the Harbor Management Commission.  Open Space will offer upland visitor amenities and Harbor Management will seek approval and funding to construct a kayak dock. Visitor parking and a short walking trail are now available on the property.   Future plans call for observation areas and educational signs.

The property contains undeveloped coastal forest, a threatened and important natural habitat. According to UConn, coastal forests are subject to a maritime climate (generally cooler summers and milder winters than further inland) but don’t receive daily salt spray (as a true maritime forest may).Horseneck-Creek Trail

Horseneck Creek is also bordered by salt marshes, home to a diverse range of wildlife from crabs to migratory birds. Healthy salt marshes support fish populations and mitigate the impact of coastal flooding. Among the wildlife using the property, you may spot deer, osprey, egrets, cormorants, great blue herons, geese, swans, turkeys, and various gulls and ducks during differing seasons.

The Town wishes to acknowledge that the parcel was transferred to it by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection in 2002.

Property Rules:   
Open sunrise to sunset; no fires; no hunting; all dogs under your control.  Visitors are asked to please stay off the fragile tidal wetland. Please respect private property owners.