Open Space Commission

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Tree-in-the-Gap Trail, McCulloch Family Open SpaceOverview

Old Lyme is located in a truly special environment, along in the lower Connecticut River Valley where tide lands meet Long Island Sound beaches, with scenic smaller rivers and verdant hillsides.

As far back as 1965, the town recognized that "considerable areas of land should become public open space."

The Open Space Commission today works to achieve that preservation goal.

The Commission was created in 2010 by a town-wide vote and is charged, per town ordinance, with:

  • Identifying land appropriate for open space acquisition
  • Managing acquired open space lands for:
    • Passive recreational use by the public, and
    • To protect and preserve such lands' natural resources and wildlife.
  • Advising land use boards and commissions on applications that require the setting aside of open space as part of the approval process.

The Town of Old Lyme owns six sizable open space properties totaling 936 acres that are accessible for hiking and public access. It also owns smaller properties, such as Eklund Pond, which are maintained as natural wildlife areas. The town further holds over 40 conservation easements.

Land Steward

The Open Space Commission employs Land Stewards (PDF) to assist in managing town owned open space. Peter J. Norris works part-time to keep the trails "hiker friendly" and to protect natural resources. In addition, Wayne Abrahamson and Jim Mildrum serve as stewards on the McCulloch Family Open Space. If you notice an issue on open space land, please notify by sending an email to Mr. Norris.