Wildlife Videos

Pictured: Coyote in Ames Family Open Space

Coyote in Ames

You may see various animals while hiking on open space trails in Old Lyme - deer, squirrels, perhaps a fox or coyote.

Animals often prefer to stay out of sight from hikers though, and an entirely new world of activity comes alive at night when people are not present.

The Open Space Commission, with grant support, has used HD cameras with remote access to capture wildlife activity within the Ames Family Open Space property.

Videos taken on-site may be found on the Town YouTube channel. Look for the "Open Space Commission" playlist at this link: Wildlife Videos.

Watch deer, including bucks and does with their fawns, birds, and predators, such as a bobcat and coyotes in Ames, all co-existing with us in open space.

As always when in open space, be respectful of animals and follow trail safety rules.

Encountering a Coyote

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