Encountering A Coyote

CoyoteEncountering A Coyote

As coyotes have become more common, public concern with safety has increased. There have been incidents on Old Lyme Open Space of coyote attacks on dogs.

Whelping Season - Coyotes for the most part will avoid contact with people. However, coyotes tend to be territorial and protective around den sites during the spring through mid-summer period when they may have pups. Be extra cautious during this period while walking a dog.

If you encounter a coyote acting aggressively towards you or supervised pets, contact the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection at 860-424-3333 and the Town of Old Lyme animal control officer at 860-434-1605, ext. 244 or in the event of an emergency call 860-510-1255.

DEEP and other experts offer this advice:

  • Keep Dogs Leashed and under control. Avoid walking with your dog in areas where there have been reports of dog / coyote conflicts.
  • If approached by a coyote while walking your dog, keep the dog under control and calmly leave the area. Do not run or turn your back.
  • Attempt to frighten away coyotes by making loud noises (e.g., shouting, air horn, loud whistle) and acting aggressively (e.g., waving your arms, clapping, yelling, throwing sticks).
  • Do not pick up your dog.
  • Report any coyotes exhibiting behavior indicative of rabies, such as staggering, seizures, and extreme lethargy. Daytime activity is not uncommon and does not necessarily indicate rabies.