Open Space Ordinance

Town of Old Lyme, CT Ordinance

Article XIII: Open Space Commission
[Adopted December 13, 2010]
Chapter 20: Boards, Committees and Commissions

§ 20-53 Statutory authority; creation.

Pursuant to the provisions of § C.G.S. § 7-131p, the Town of Old Lyme hereby creates an Open Space Commission. [See reference below.]

§ 20-54 Membership; terms of office.

The Old Lyme Open Space Commission shall be composed of seven regular members and three alternate members who will serve staggered three-year terms, appointed by the Board of Selectman.

§ 20-55 Qualifications; vacancies.

All Commission members and alternate members shall be electors of the Town of Old Lyme. Any vacancy in the regular or alternate membership may be filled for the unexpired term of such member by the Board of Selectman.

§ 20-56 Powers and duties.

The Old Lyme Open Space Commission shall, among other things:

  1. Develop, update and maintain a list of parcels which may be appropriate for acquisition as open space as identified in the Town of Old Lyme Plan of Conservation and Development or the Town of Old Lyme Open Space Plan.
  2. Inventory, identify and recommend to the Board of Selectman parcels of land which may be appropriate for open space acquisition, or interest or easements in such parcels, based on the priorities as are from time to time established by the Open Space Commission. Prior to the recommendation to the Board of Selectman, the Open Space Commission shall refer the matter to the Planning Commission pursuant to C.G.S. § 8-24 and inform the other land use boards and commissions about the recommendation.
  3. Advise the land use boards and commissions concerning applications that require the setting aside of open space as part of the approval process that meet the identified standards in their regulations.
  4. Supervise and manage acquired open space lands for passive recreational use by the public, protect and preserve the natural resources and wildlife contained therein and develop appropriate standards and limitations for the use of parcels of land acquired pursuant to the provisions of this article to assure their continued use as open space. Notwithstanding the above, the Old Lyme Inland Wetlands Commission shall continue to have jurisdiction concerning activities, uses and the like which fall under its jurisdiction as prescribed in C.G.S. § 22a-36 et seq. and Town of Old Lyme Code §§ 20-20 through 20-26.
  5. Work with the Old Lyme land use boards, commissions, and departments in the monitoring and enforcement of conservation easements where the Town of Old Lyme has been named as the beneficiary.
  6. Regularly, and no less than every 10 years, update the Town of Old Lyme Open Space Plan in coordination with the Planning Commission's work on the Town Plan of Conservation and Development.

Connecticut General Statute reference from § 20-53 Statutory authority; creation.

CT Gen Stat § 7-131p (2012)

Any municipality may, by vote of its legislative body, establish a land acquisition and development authority to assist the municipality to acquire or develop any agricultural, recreational or open space land or to assist the municipality to acquire any easements, interest or rights therein and to enter into covenants and agreements with owners of such land or interests therein to acquire, maintain, improve, protect, limit the future use of or otherwise conserve such land.

(P.A. 05-228, S 7; June Sp. Sess. P.A. 05-3, S 113.)

History: P.A. 05-228 effective July 1, 2005; June Sp. Sess. P.A. 05-3 changed effective date of P.A. 05-228 to October 1, 2005, effective June 30, 2005.