Resolution Supporting Participation in the Sustainable CT Municipal Certificate Program

Town of Old Lyme, Connecticut

Resolution Supporting Participation

In the Sustainable CT Municipal Certification Program

Whereas, Sustainable CT is a comprehensive, statewide, action-oriented voluntary certification program, built by and for municipalities, with the vision that: Sustainable CT communities strive to be thriving, resilient, collaborative, and forward-looking. They build community and local economy. They equitably promote the health and well-being of current and future residents. And they respect the finite capacity of the natural environment.

Whereas, Sustainable CT is designed to boost local economies, help municipal operations become more efficient, reduce operating costs, and provide grants and additional support to municipalities.

Whereas, the Town of Old Lyme embraces an ongoing process of working toward greater sustainability, selecting which actions it chooses to pursue from the voluntary menu of actions provided by Sustainable CT.

Resolved, by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Old Lyme that we do hereby authorize the First Selectman to serve as Old Lyme's Sustainable CT contact person for the Sustainable CT Municipal Certification process and authorize her to complete Municipal Registration on behalf of the Town of Old Lyme.

Resolved, that to focus attention and effort within Old Lyme on matters of sustainability, and in order to promote the Board of Selectmen's local initiatives and actions toward Sustainable CT Municipal Certification, the Board of Selectmen establishes an advisory Sustainability Team.

Resolved, that the first meeting of the Sustainability Team must be held within 90 days of passing this resolution and that the Sustainability Team shall meet as frequently as needed, but no less than quarterly.

Resolved, that the Sustainability Team shall report annually to the Board of Selectmen on the progress of its activities toward Sustainable CT certification, with reports and presentations made publicly available.

I, Vicki Urbowicz, the Town Clerk of the Town of Old Lyme, do hereby certify this to be a true copy of the resolution duly adopted at the Board of Selectmen Meeting on February 5, 2018.