Founding Ordinance

Be It Ordained by the Town of Old Lyme, Connecticut That:

a. Establishment. There shall be established an Affordable Housing Commission for the Town of Old Lyme.

Purpose. The Affordable Housing Commission will serve as a planning and advisory body, and as a center of expertise and communication, working through the Board of Selectmen and in coordination with other boards, commissions, and departments on matters pertaining to affordable housing.

Membership; terms of office. The Affordable Housing Commission shall be composed of five regular members and three alternate members who will serve staggered three-year terms, appointed by the Board of Selectman. The initial appointments by the Board of Selectmen shall be for one, two and three year terms, and thereafter all terms shall be for three years. The Commission is subject to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 9-167a (minority representation) and Ordinance § 101-16 shall apply to each regular and alternate member of the Commission.

Qualifications; vacancies. All Commission members and alternate members shall be electors of the Town of Old Lyme. Any vacancy in the regular or alternate membership may be filled for the unexpired term of such member by the Board of Selectmen.

Powers and duties. The Affordable Housing Commission shall, among other things:

  1. Maintain an understanding of affordable housing needs in Old Lyme for the present and future, related statutory and regulatory requirements, public policy, and best practices; develop approaches to meet those needs and requirements. The term "Affordable Housing" shall be as defined by Conn. Gen. Stat. Ch. 126A (Affordable Housing).
  2. Prepare an Affordable Housing Plan for adoption by Old Lyme, and perform periodic updates at least every five years, according to the provisions of C.G.S. § 8-30j.
  3. Coordinate an annual review of housing data in preparation for publication of the Affordable Housing Appeals List by the Connecticut Department of Housing.
  4. Work with the Old Lyme Planning, Zoning, Economic Development, and Open Space Commissions, and other town functions as appropriate, on planning and other matters related to affordable housing.
  5. Advise the land use boards, commissions, and departments concerning applications that include affordable housing provisions as part of the approval process.
  6. Make recommendations on housing policies and practices designed to meet the need for affordable housing in Old Lyme, including changes to zoning regulations and ordinances.
  7. Develop and maintain a list of potential opportunities for affordable housing development; make recommendations and proposals to the Board of Selectmen.
  8. Monitor legislation, regulations and public policy relevant to affordable housing.
  9. Monitor the availability of grants, programs, partnerships and other resources to support affordable housing planning and development; make recommendations and proposals to the Board of Selectmen.
  10. Monitor events, practices, and trends relevant to affordable housing
  11. Develop and maintain a program of public engagement, communication, and education on the topic of affordable housing for the residents of Old Lyme.
  12. Provide a point of contact and a forum for advocacy groups, not-for-profit organizations, and developers on matters pertaining to affordable housing.
  13. Represent Old Lyme in regional forums and collaborations relevant to affordable housing.
  14. Other responsibilities relevant to affordable housing as determined by the Board of Selectmen.

b. This ordinance shall become effective fifteen (15) days after the date of publication of notice of its passage, per Connecticut General Statutes § 7-157 (a).