Exhibit I: Banner Specifications


Full (One ) Banner: 

  • Forty-two Inches high
  • Twenty-two feet long

Half (Two) Banners: 

  • Forty-two (42") Inches high
  • Eleven (11) feet long


18 ounce high grade blockout with nylon webbing, reinforced hems and all corners with a minimum of half inch (5/8 inch or preferable 3/4 inch) internal diameter grommets and welded D rings at all four corners of the banner. "Dog" snap hooks and wind windows must be positioned at two foot maximum intervals along the top and bottom. It is recommended that reusable banners have five inch diameter "wind windows" with or without perimeter stitching to prolong the life of the banner. Banners may have a velcro section to attach date information which changes each year.

Banner must be dropped off at Zelek Electric, 187A Boston Post Road two weeks prior to hanging the banner and picked up no later than 2 weeks after taking down the banner. Zelek Electric reserves the right to discard banners not picked up after two weeks from removal date.

You can hang two full banners back to back or hang two half banners side by side.