Sewer Ordinance

NOTICE of Proposed Town Ordinance - Municipal Sewer Ordinance

The Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority (OL WPCA) proposes a sewer ordinance, as required by Connecticut General Statutes.

View the proposed sewer ordinance (PDF).

All residents are invited to provide written comment specific to this proposed ordinance by May 1st, 2022 and/or to attend an in-person public hearing at the OL WPCA meeting on April 12th,2022 in the Old Lyme Town Hall.

Summary of the proposed ordinance

This ordinance establishes the procedures for the Town's designated sewer districts (see note 1) to connect to the municipal sewer in the Town of Old Lyme sanitary sewer system. It also establishes specific limits for pollutant discharges which by their nature or by their interaction with sewage will be detrimental to the public health, cause damage to the municipal sewer or the water pollution control facility, pollute the waters of the State, or otherwise create a public nuisance.

This ordinance shall apply to the users of the municipal sewer system within the Town of Old Lyme's designated sewer districts. The Town of Old Lyme shall be referred to as the "Town" here after. The Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority (OL WPCA) shall implement and enforce the provisions of this ordinance.

Instruction to submit written comments

Email submission of your written comment(s) is welcome and preferred.

When submitting a specific comment please cite the page and paragraph number(s) associated with the comment. You may copy and paste specific text from the draft ordinance to help us to better address your issue or concern. Please send your comments to with the Subject Line: Sewer Ordinance Comments

(note 1) Designated Sewer Districts include Sound View Beach, Miscellaneous Town Area-B (MTA-B), and Hawks Nest Beach (Hawks Nest Beach community's need for sewer is under review and will be determined by CT-DEEP)