Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission Meeting Minutes - 11/09/2021

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Regular Meeting Minutes

The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission – In Person

November 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM





Members Present: Mike Barnes (alternate), George Finley, John MacDonald (Chairman), Mike Magee, Tom Meyer, Harry Plaut (ex-officio), Robert Falaguerra (Vice-Chairman), Bill Harris, Tom Kelo (alternate), Teri Lewis, Christopher Staab


Absent:  Sloan Danenhower, Steven Ross (ex-officio)


Guests:  Michael Presti (to observe the meeting)

Chairman John MacDonald called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.


Michael Barnes was seated for Sloan Danenhower and Tom Kelo was seated temporaraly for Bill Harris until Mr. Harris arrived. Mr. Harris arrived shortly thereafter, Mr. Kelo was not seated.  





a. Clerk’s Report: approve HMC meeting minutes for October 12, 2021

Mr. Meyer moved to accept the meeting minutes of October 12, 2021 and Mr. Magee seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.


b. Treasurer’s Report (Harris): report review for September and October 2021
Mr. Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report for September and October 2021


September Beginning Balance:  $28,071.90, Interest / Dividends: $.91, Receipts: $0, Disbursements: $739.67, Ending Balance: $27,333.14. 


October Beginning Balance:  $27,333.14, Interest / Dividends: $.93, Receipts: $50, Disbursements: $0, Ending Balance: $27,384.07. 

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.


c.  HMC membership openings

One Alternate position is open.

Michael Presti was present at the meeting.  He has expressed interest in filling the alternate position.  Mr. Presti introduced himself, giving background on his qualifications to serve on this Commission.


d. Correspondence

DEEP Approval Drexler, 39-1 Mile Creek Road, install pier, ramp, 100 square foot float

Mr. MacDonald reported on a letter the HMC received from the DEEP Director informing the Commission that they are giving notice of tentative determination to approve the permit for the dock at 39-1 Mile Creek Road.  This permit was reviewed previously by the HMC with the restriction of a 100 square foot float. 







a. Four Mile River; phase one funding request, for legacy funds on hold pending action by OPM (MacDonald)

Mr. MacDonald received correspondence (October 29) from John Henshaw (Executive Director of the CT Port Authority), indicating the CPA is still waiting to hear back from OPM regarding deposition of the legacy funds. The Legacy funds were the $262,000 that Old Lyme returned back to the State after the 2016 dredging projects. Mr. MacDonald requested Ms. Lewis to contact Mr. John Johnson who sits on the CPA Board of Directors looking for advice regarding the direction of the legacy funds, and report back to Mr. MacDonald.  


Mr. MacDonald stated the existing RFP is good until December 1, 2021.  The price could change if the funding delays continue.


b. Kayak Launch and Storage at Haines Park project status update, location approval and dock design quotes (Magee)

Mr. Magee reviewed to date, meetings with the Parks and Recreation Commission regarding permission for placement of a kayak launch and dock at Hains Park.  The Kayak Committee has narrowed down two different systems with the best choice to be EZ Dock.  The prices are close at about $10,000.  Mr. Magee stated that the PRC seems to be in support of the project and will meet again at the beginning of December and will plan another get together with interested parties at the Park before then.  Mr. Magee stated Old Lyme resident Richard Shriver formed the Mentoring Corps for Community Development (MCCD) in 2012 with the purpose to harness the experience of retirees who had been successful in their careers to give back to the community through free advice and consultations.  MCCD has committed to donate $2,000 to the kayak project for Hains Park.  The remainder of the cost will be covered without Town tax dollars.  Mr.  MacDonald requested that Mr. Magee get a letter of approval for the project from the Parks and Rec Commission before the dock system is ordered.  The next steps will be for Mr. Magee to go kayaking with Mr. Shriver trying out a local EZ Dock, obtain a letter from PRC approving the project, and select a trial location at Hains Park. If all is in order the HMC would like to approve funding at their December meeting.


c. On-line Mooring System: MOU executed Nov 1, HMC to set fee schedule, data conversion / upload steps (Meyer)

Mr. Meyer stated that Mr. MacDonald had signed the MOU contract for the On-line Mooring System on November 1.  Mr. Meyer had the following items for discussion and decision.


Meeting with Vendor this month for onboarding activity (Database transfer)

Update process flow – draft list of data/process changes needing discussion/approval

Mooring Cost to $35/Yr. (Discussion below – permit fee price raised to $40)

Designate specific mooring fields (exc. Riparian)

Application cutoff date (1 April)?

Proof of insurance? Decision to make optional

Boat registration? Decision to make optional

Boat photo? Decision to require a photo

Inspector list update

Beam? Decision this is not needed

2022 decal? Decision yes


Mr. Meyer had the following action items. Build forms, training materials.  User communications and training. 

Mooring email address has been created:  HMCMoorings@oldlyme-ct.gov

BOS Advisory meeting to be scheduled.


There was a discussion about the fee schedule going forward. 

Motion; Mr.  Barnes moved to set the 2022 mooring fee to $50, Mr. Meyer seconded the motion.  Vote: Four members were in favor with five members opposed.  Motion was not carried.


Motion; Mr. Magee moved to set the 2022 mooring fee to $40 and Mr. Finley seconded the motion.  Vote: Seven members were in favor with two members abstaining.  Motion carried.

Ms. Lewis would like a cover letter to go out with the mooring applications stating the reason why the mooring fees went from $25 to $40. This is in Tom Meyer’s plan to do.


Mr. Meyer was given the title of Mooring Records Coordinator. 


d. Harbor Management Plan revision plan, looking for lead person

There was a discussion and Mr. Staab volunteered to lead the project of revising the HM Plan.  The revised plan will have to be approved by DEEP and at a town meeting as the HMP is a town ordinance.


e. Black Hall River Channel marker(s) requests follow-up from October 12 meeting

There was a discussion. 

Motion: Mr. Staab moved to place a gated pair of red and green buoys with reflective tape to mark the Black Hall River channel in Spring 2022.  Mr. Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED unanimous.


Mr. Harry Plaut HSP Env. was asked to provide a quote for these markers (chain, anchor, buoys) by the December HMC meeting.  Funding will then be discussed.


f. Harbormaster work direction guidance document edits, review the two sets of mark-up revisions that were made online. Finalize the 2022 work document.

Mr. MacDonald had sent the document out to members previously for comments and received three sets of comments. Mr. Meyer will incorporate the comments into the document and send out to members electronically to review and comment.




a. 2022 HMC Officer Nominations

Mr. MacDonald stated that 2022 HMC officer nominations will be accepted and a vote taken at the December 14, 2021 HMC meeting.  New officers elected will take over on January 1, 2022. 

Mr. MacDonald polled/nominated the present officers.  Bill Harris agreed to stay on as Treasurer, Mike Magee agreed to stay on as Secretary, Robert Falaguerra agreed to stay on as Vice-Chairman.  Mr. MacDonald stated that he will step down as Chairman and recommended Ms. Lewis to fill the Chairman position.  Ms. Lewis will consider it.   Macdonald stated that if any memeber  is interested in the Chairman position, they should contact Mr. Magee the Secretary before or at the December meeting. Other nominations may be made from the floor for all officer postions at the December meeting. Only full members may be an officer. 




a. 2021 Year end Mooring Records Report; Permits/Inspections/Payments (Meyer)

Mr. Meyer stated that there were:

Private Permits Issued:  75
Private Checks to Treasurer:  74
HMC Waivers:  3

Commercial Permits Issued:  2(58)

Commercial Checks to Treasurer: 2

Applications in Process: 0


Two in process applications – closed out, checks submitted to the treasurer

HMC Website – removed access to 2021 forms, added teaser message


b. Harbormaster activity report (Plaut)

Harry Plaut reported that he pulled the two 800-pound town mornings, and the “slow – no wake” sign by Calves Island and channel makers have been pulled. Dave Peterson pulled the dingy docks and they are stacked on the beach at the OL Dock Co. Mr. Plaut recorded GPS records for 65 moorings.




a. Pilgrim Landing status report (Magee)

Mr. Magee reported that the kayak racks got a lot of use this season and Public Works did a great job keeping the landing clean.


b. Dinghy Dock status report (Finley)

Mr. Finley reported that Dave Peterson pulled the docks. Mr. Finley feels that the docks do not get much use and the Commission should decide if they are worth putting them in for 2022.


The HMC meeting schedule for 2022 will need to be submitted to the Town shortly.  It was generally discussed that a meeting could be scheduled each month and if there is no business to discuss, then the meeting could be cancelled.  Establishing the 2022 meeting schedule will be part of the agenda for the December meeting. 


The subject of the Tantummaheag Landing was brought up by Mr. Staab. Mr. MacDonald stated that there is nothing on the HMC to-do list regarding the Tantummaheag Landing at this time.  The ongoing legal review of the property ownership dispute needs to be clarified and resolved.   







Mr. Staab moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 PM.  Mr. Meyer seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.


The next meeting of the HMC will be on December 14, 2021 at 7:00 PM.




Submitted by,



Mary Ellen Garbarino (Clerk)