Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission Meeting Minutes 9/14/2021

Meeting date: 
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission Meeting Minutes 9/14/21

Meeting date: 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Meeting Minutes

The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission – In Person

Regular Meeting, September 14, 2021 at 7:00 PM




Members Present: Mike Barnes (alternate), Sloane Danenhower (alternate), Bill Harris, Teri Lewis, John MacDonald, Mike Magee, Tom Meyer, Harry Plaut (ex-officio), George Finely

Members Absent:    Robert Falaguerra – Mike Barnes was seated for R. Falaguerra; Jeff Meinke absent and resigned – Sloane Danenhower seated for J. Meinke; Chris Staab; Tom Kelo (alternate); Steve Ross (ex-officio)

Chairman John MacDonald called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.



a. Clerk’s Report: Approval of meeting minutes of July 13, 2021

MOTION made by G. Finely to approve meeting minutes of July 13, 2021 meeting , second T. Meyer.  so moved UNANIMOUS


b.  Treasurer’s Report (Harris): report review – July 2021

Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report.  $1650 in Mooring Fees and Interest was $1.83 for two months of July and August 2021.  No expenses paid out during that period.  Ending balance is $28,071.90.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.


c.  HMC Membership Openings

Jeff Meinke’s position is open due to him resigning effective 9/8/21


d. Correspondence:




Filbert, 24 Neck Road, Dock Modifications CT DEEP COP application [Docko Inc.]

Add small craft lift to proposed pier piling, previous dock modifications boat lift added 2018

Keith Nelson from Docko Inc presented for Filbert at 24 Neck Road.  Committee requests that Docko send document electronically going forward.  Chairman wrote correct email address on agenda for Keith.  1 hard copy will still be sent to be brought to each meeting and asked to have electronic copies sent 1 week prior to meeting.

Mr. Filbert had recently got a DEEP permit which was approved to enlarge his dock, add a main boat lift and delete a 100 sq ft float.  Mr. Neilson clarified the current situation and confusion on the permit drawings he stated that the main dock work and main boat lift noted as existing has not yet been started.  Mr. Filbert initially did not want any other accessories but has decided he would ask for a permit modification to add a small craft lift on a fixed pier to the north of the main boat lift.  The stated purpose of the small craft lift was for small boat or RIB.  No additional comments made by commission.    




a.  Four Mile River; Navigable Waterway Study (NWS) RFP, Bid Evaluation session of lowest cost – qualified bidder.  4 bid proposals (MacDonald)

Discussion and Q&A around if all bidders submitted their insurance.  Chairman stated it will come during the contract phase. 

Discussion around what data was used to get to RFPs?   We are requesting things from these companies some of which we do not need.  Task 1-3, 1-4, 1-5; if working within a COP those parameters have already been made. 


Discussion around do we co-ordinate this ourselves and lose potential funding from CT Port Authority?  Goal is to get dredging completed at no cost to the town of Old Lyme.



b.  Approve successful bidder proposal for the phase 1 work scope and proposed not to exceed amount (NTX)

MOTION made by M. McGee to accept proposal by RACE’s RFP and the NTX,  Second by B. Harris.  so moved UNANIMOUS;  Mike Barnes is recuse from voting. 



c.  NWS Phase 1 next steps, HMC letter of recommendation and request for funding approval for phase 1 NTX to Ct. Port Authority. 

MOTION called by Chairperson John MacDonald, Second by T. Meyer to have Harbor Management Committee send letter to CT Port Authority with request for funding of Phase 1 dredging of Four Mile River which will not exceed the total amount of the reduced scope RACE proposal and HMC expense of $16,486.25.  so moved UNANIMOUS


d.  Other



a.  2021 Mooring Records Report; Permits/Inspections/Payments (Meyer)

Need for a discussion around Mooring Fees and if they will be increasing in 2022 in next meeting.  What will increased Fees be used for?  What projects will the money be used for?  i.e.  Offset the cost of the new on-line system. 

73 private permits issued as of 9/14/21 and appropriate # of checks have been handed over to Bill Harris.  Commercial permits are in hand for OLM and The Pavilion.  1 new application received today.  2 applications in process.

b.  Harbormaster July 1, Audit of Moorings and reconciliation of findings (Plaut)

Plaut stated summer was too busy to be able to get the audit completed.  Has done 36 already and approximately 12 were illegal due to no name, no stripes, no current year stickers, etc. 

Chariperson stated that the assignment was to reconcile the # of moorings in water with number of permits issued.  When a mooring is found with features not up to specifications they should have been marked and tagged.  A warning or sticker should be given before pulling the moorings out of the water. 

Discussion around finishing audits this year vs waiting for online mooring system.  Teri Lewis and Mike Barnes volunteered to help with the remaining 36 audits to complete them this year. 


c.  Harbormaster activity report (Plaut)

73 current private moorings.  128 total including commercial + 3 that are free for a total of 131. CT River moorings were included in audit so far.  



a.  On-Line Mooring System presentation follow-up (Meyer)

T. Meyer continues to work on commercial off the shelf mooring tracking system.  Waiting on comments back from vendor on MOU and then will address one paragraph via email to go to the attorney.  Will have list of changes that need to be approved in next meeting – one of which will be the cost of the mooring permit. 



a.  Pilgrim Landing Status report (Magee)

Washout from Storm Ida and needs repair. 

b. Kayak Launch and Storage report (Magee)

5 member Kayak Committee.  Held a meeting in August and discussion came up that need a removeable metal rail or something similar to help get balance getting in and out of kayaks in Rogers Lake.  Would like to raise the mooring fee to $50 to be able to help with access/railings for kayakers. 


Discussion around needing fee for each application or permit similar to what the other Boards and Commissions in town currently do.  This would help increase the funds to give the Harbor Management Committee more money to work with. 

c.  Dinghy Dock status report (Finely)

Bought boards for deck repairs, work will be completed later this year.



No discussion.

MOTION by T. Meyer and second M. Magee  to adjourn meeting at 8:42 pm.  so moved UNANIMOUS


Next regular HMC meeting scheduled for October 12, 2021 at 7pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Erica Correia  (Clerk)