Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission Meeting Agenda 10/12/2021

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 7:00pm


Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission


Meeting Date:  Oct. 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm 

Location: Town Hall Mezzanine Conference Room. This is an in-person meeting. The mask and social distancing policies are per current OL - town hall instructions. Mask is required.



Regular Meeting @ 7:00 pm


1.         Quorum / Call to Order / Introduction of Guests


2.         HMC Business Reports

            a.  Clerks Report: Approval of meeting minutes of September 14, 2021

            b.  Treasurer’s Report (Harris):  report review – September 2021  

            c.   HMC membership openings:  1 Alternate

            d.   Correspondence


3.         New Permit Applications

            Cambridge, 15 Academy Lane dock modifications CT DEEP COP application (Docko)

            Retain/rebuild dock and pier, new piles and ramp.  Electronic copy sent.


4          Old Business

  1. Four Mile River; Phase one funding request sent to CPA (MacDonald)
  2. Kayak Launch and Storage at Haines Park project status update (Magee)
  3. On-Line Mooring System MOU status update (Meyer) Fee schedule
  4. Harbor Management Plan revision plan, looking for lead person
  5. 2021 Audit of moorings, permits, GPS data reconciliation (ad hoc committee)


5.         New Business

a. Gene Chmiel Black Hall Outfitters w/ Tim Visel Sound School, presentation on Black Hall River “sapropel levels” BHR channel marker request. (30 minute presentation allocation)


b. Awards of the winter servicing of HMC town equipment: 1. Moorings 2. Nav. Aid. 3. Dock Floats. Item 1, 2, 3 bid review and vote to approve each item. Electronic copy Bid doc. sent  


c. Other


6.         Harbormaster

            a. 2021 Year end Mooring Records Report; Permits/Inspections/Payments (Meyer)

            b. Harbormaster activity report (Plaut)

            c. Harbormaster work direction guidance document review/revision for 2022.    


7.         Committee Reports

            a. Pilgrim Landing status report (Magee)

b. Dinghy Dock status report (Finely)



8.         Public Comment


9.         Adjournment                                        Next meeting Nov. 9, 2021 @ 7pm