Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission Meeting Agenda - 09/14/2021

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 6:00pm


Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission


Meeting Date:  Sept. 14, 2021 at 6:00 pm 

Location:        Town Hall Mezzanine Conference Room. This is an in-person meeting. The mask and social distancing policies are per current OL-town hall instructions. Mask is Required


 HMC document reading session 6-7 PM, documents to be discussed will be available for review.

Regular Meeting @ 7pm


1.         Quorum / Call to Order / Introduction of Guests

2.         HMC Business Reports

            a.         Clerks Report: Approval of meeting minutes of July 13, 2021

            b.         Treasurers Report (Harris):  report review – July 2021  

            c.         HMC membership openings:  

            d.         Correspondence:


3.         New Permit Applications

            Filbert, 24 Neck Road, Dock Modifications CT DEEP COP application [Docko Inc.]

            Add small craft lift to existing pier piling, previous dock modifications boat lift added 2018


4          New Business

  1. Four Mile River; Navigable Waterway Study (NWS)  RFP, Bid evaluation session

of lowest cost - qualified bidder.  4 bid proposals (MacDonald)

  1. Approve successful bidder proposal for the phase 1 work scope and proposed not to exceed amount (NTX)  HMC Vote: 
  2. NWS Phase 1 next steps, HMC letter of recommendation and request for funding approval  for phase 1 NTX to Ct. Port Authority. HMC  Vote:
  3. Other



5.         Harbormaster Report

             a. 2021 Mooring Records Report; Permits/Inspections/Payments (Meyer)

            b.   Harbormaster July 1, Audit of Moorings and reconciliation of findings (Plaut)

            c.   Harbormaster activity report (Plaut)  




6.         Committee Reports

            a. Pilgrim Landing status report (Magee)

b. Kayak Launch and Storage report (Magee)

c. Dinghy Dock status report (Finely)



7.        Old Business

a. On-Line Mooring System presentation follow-up (Meyer)

b. Other  



8.         Public Comment

9.         Adjournment                                        Next meeting September 14, 2021 @ 7pm