Using the Banner Poles


The Town of Old Lyme is fortunate to have received a gift of two banner poles from Connecticut Light and Power located on Halls Road between the Convenience store and the Post Office. Eligible local, non-profit organizations may request approval from the Board of Selectmen to fly a banner from the poles, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Use – An eligible organization may use the banner poles to hang its banner in order to announce an upcoming activity pending approval from the Selectman’s Office.

Banner –  The banner must conform to the specifications detailed in Exhibit I. All aspects of the banner including, but not limited to color, size, and wording will be approved by the First Selectman, prior to hanging the banner. The approved banner and the Work Authorization form should be hand delivered two weeks prior to hanging date to Zelek Electric, 187 Boston Post Road, Old Lyme, between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Please call Laurie at 434-9726 to schedule banner drop off and pick up times. Banners that have already been hung and removed, should be picked up from Zelek Electric no more than two weeks after banner comes down from poles. Zelek Electric reserves the right to discard banners not picked up after two weeks from removal date.

Cost – The Town presently charges no fee to an eligible organization to use the poles. However, there will be a fee charged to compensate for hanging and removing the banner from the poles.  This fee (payable to the Town of Old Lyme - please contact Michele Hayes for current fee) and the Work Authorization form should be submitted to Michele Hayes in the Selectman’s Office (call 434-1605, ext 212) one month prior to hanging of the banner. No one, other than representatives of the Town, may hang or remove banners from the poles.

Duration of Use – Banners may fly for a period of up to fourteen (14) days prior to an event. If more than one eligible organization requests the use of the poles at the same time, the Board of Selectmen will decide which one will be allowed to use the poles or the Board may allow both organizations to use the poles, using slightly smaller banners. Each organization requesting use of the poles must submit a request form, the desired date to fly the banner, accompanied by the fee to hang and remove the banner.