Board of Selectmen Minutes – 10/04/2021 – CORRECTION TO UNOFFICIAL MINUTES

Meeting date: 
Monday, October 4, 2021

This is a correction to the unofficial minutes of the 10/4 Board of Selectmen meeting minutes posted on 10/8/21. 


Regarding the discussions concerning the Open Space purchase, they should have read as follows:


“Discussion: Selectwoman Nosal talked about the inappropriate behavior of the Board of Finance Chair to the Open Space Commission officials. She regrets not saying anything about this at the Board of Finance meeting.”


Kimberly Thompson, Littlefield Lane supports Selectwoman Nosal’s comments that the Board of Finance Chair’s behavior towards the Open Space Commission officials at the Board of Finance meeting. He was unprofessional, hostile and disrespectful. She was horrified by his behavior. I support what Selectwoman Nosal is saying.