Conservation Commission

Old Lyme Conservation Commission Charter

The Old Lyme Conservation Commission shall coordinate conservation efforts; supervise natural resource monitoring, aid in the coordination of land development in an effort to preserve our natural resources, our remaining open land, and to sustain recreational property. The Old Lyme Conservation Commission shall coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes and conduct research into the utilization and preservation of land areas of the municipality. It may advertise, prepare and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets as necessary for its purposes. The Old Lyme Conservation Commission may make recommendations to zoning, planning, inland wetland commissions and water pollution control authority or other municipal agencies on proposed land use changes. It shall keep a record of all meetings and activities and submit an annual report to the Selectmen.

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Commission Members

Name Title
Anthony Daniels Chair
George Ryan Vice Chair
Maureen Plumleigh Secretary
Gary Gregory Member
George James Member
Tom Sherer Member
Greg Futoma Member (ex officio)
Suzanne Thompson Member (ex officio)