October 2022 Community Update

The Halls Road Improvements Committee (HRIC) is making headway toward a new Halls Road:

  1. In July 2022 funding was awarded to HRIC for the formal survey and design work required for the bridge and trails, through the Community Initiatives Grant, a part of the town-administered American Rescue Plan.

    Requests for Proposals - Pedestrian bridge (PDF) and RFP Addenda (PDF)) will be posted to design firms to produce design documentation for the pedestrian bridge and associated trails. Once these drawings are created they will be used for grant applications for the implementation of the design. The HRIC will be working with two experienced grant writer volunteers to seek grants and create the proposals to fund this project. The design documentation will also show the location of the pedestrian bridge and identify any easements needed for the town to secure.
  2. The BSC Group has put together the town's application for the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) grant, which was submitted in September 2022. This state-run grant is the first opportunity for the town to present its planned roadway improvements to the CT DOT for their formal approval. The application covers the planned improvements to sidewalks, bike lanes, landscaping, lighting, and crosswalks along Halls Road. The LOTCIP grant could provide a substantial part of the construction costs of these right-of-way improvements. It is not expected to cover the costs of the new pedestrian- and cyclist-bridge across the Lieutenant, or the trails leading to and from it. (see item 1)
  3. New zoning for a mixed-use overlay district was submitted to the Zoning Commission and recognized as received at the commissions October 11, 2022 meeting. There will be a public presentation at the next regular meeting, November 14, 2022 meeting. The Halls Road Overlay District will allow property owners the option to create mixed-use (commercial and residential) development and bring retail up to Halls Road. The overlay district provides an incentive for owners to create the walkable, browse-able new town center envisioned in the Master Plan, while leaving the legacy C30-S zoning unchanged.

The HRIC welcomes your interest and comments.