June 2021 Community Update

Phase II of the Halls Road Plan has been completed by our consultants the BSC Group. This includes maps and descriptions of the new public right-of-way improvements, and a look at a range of private development opportunities that will be enabled by the new Village District zoning. Two key drawings from the final Halls Road Plan are on display in the foyer of Memorial Town Hall and can be viewed during open hours. Committee members and BSC team will be at Town Hall for two Open House dates (Saturday, July 10, 9 - Noon; and Sunday, August 8, 1 - 3:30) to discuss the plan and answer questions. The Master Plan Booklet is also available on the left hand side of this page.

This phase represents the formal conceptual plan for the future Halls Road Village District. BSC will complete additional detailed work in support of the plan (as described below) in the coming weeks.

The Town of Old Lyme is responsible for improvements to the public right-of-way. The formal Halls Road Plan will aid the town in securing grants to help offset the costs of construction. The changes in zoning - creating a mixed-use Village District along Halls Road with a supporting set of Design Guidelines - are tools to guide future private development and investment along Halls Road. Under the current contract BSC Group will also help with next steps in regulatory approvals, grants, zoning, and design guidelines.

Next Steps for Public Right-of-Way Improvements:

  • Obtain approvals from CT DOT and other agencies. (BSC)
  • Provide a comprehensive list of available grants for Public Right-of-Way construction. (BSC)
  • Provide grant writing assistance to apply for grants. (BSC)
  • Apply for grants. (Town)
  • Next Steps in guiding future private investment in the Halls Road Village District:
  • Provide recommended zoning language changes to describe a new mixed-use Village District for the Halls Road area. (BSC)
  • Help those responsible to finalize zoning language for the new Village District. (BSC)
  • Create architectural Design Guidelines to supplement Village District zoning. (BSC)