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Conservation Commission Minutes 09/05/2006
Minutes of the Old Lyme Conservation Commission
September 5, 2006, 7:00 pm

Members:        Ted Crosby (ex-officio representing Gateway Commission)
Eleanor Czarnowski
Paul Dean
Taffy Holland
George James
David McCulloch
Agnes O’Connor
Marianne Pfeiffer
Tom Sherer
Mike Silberberg
Attending:      Ted Crosby, Eleanor Czarnowski, Taffy Holland, George James, David McCulloch, Marianne Pfeiffer

Visitors: Diana Attwood Johnson, Arnette Hunter

The group accepted the minutes from August 2, 2006.

Action Items from the August Minutes

Dave said Inland Wetlands will ask Brett Painting about the buffer zones, and he will ask Ann to review the original meeting minutes for any discussion about paint storage.  Dave will follow up.
Ted has updated the greenway map and Ellie has sent Leslie Lewis the PDF.
Anna Holland has not yet sent PDF of the Watercourses booklet to Ruth Roach to post on the CC web site.  (The booklet will be included in the green pages of the 2007 Lyme/Old Lyme telephone book.)
Ted put the GIS map (“Slosh”) - showing FEMA’s predicted flood plane for our area - on the web site (can be zoomed).  It needs a link from the CC website.  He will also show the map to all the commissions.
George and Dave discussed no pesticide use with first selectman.  George said it should be presented to all of the selectmen.

Lea Griswold and Elizabeth Whitley Property -

Presentation by Diana Atwood Johnson, from Open Space.

Diana said Tim Griswold and others have been negotiation with the Black Hall Club for over a year.  There are two pieces to this property: about 28 acres opposite the State rest area on 156, and a smaller 12 acre triangular piece on Buttonball road – potentially about 9 lots in all if developed.  

The price is $830,000.  The Black Hall Club will partner with the Town to purchase this land.  The club will put up 50% of the cost.  The Old Lyme Conservation Trust will give the town $10,000 toward the purchase.  The Town will own the land.  

There is to be no development, just trails, and none within 100 feet of the Black Hall Club lot line.  The Shore Road (Rt 156) piece has a significant vernal pond and aquifer.  This land is an important contribution to the green corridor formed by the club, the Bartholomew property, the Machnik farmland, and other open space. Also, it makes a statement to the beach and shore community passing down 156 through this wooded corridoor.  Diana asked members to suggest a name for the property.

Diana gave members of the Conservation Commission copies of her presentation to the Town commissions.  She hopes to present it at the October Town meeting.

Motion: to accept the proposal to buy 40 acres, part on Shore Road, part on Buttonball Road, for $830,000.  The Black Hall Club will contribute $415,000, the Old Lyme Conservation Trust will contribute $10,000.  Open Space will contribute the balance.  Unanimously accepted.

The commission proposed to write a letter expressing our pleasure and gratitude for this addition to the Town’s open space.
Letter about Town Hall Expansion

David said John Forbis is now working with some environmental engineers.  He said Tom Sherer’s letter (to him) lists a lot of specific suggestions.  John Forbis may make a flat roof on one portion – a good site for solar collectors.  George James said poly pavement is pervious and costs from 7 to20 cents a square foot.  

Ellie asked Dave to forward Tom’s letter to the commission members to edit.  Marianne will expand the section on buffer plantings.  George will add information about poly pavement.  Dave said there is also a new pervious concrete – not sure how it holds up under freezing and thawing.

George wanted to mention flooding in the letter.  Ted said that’s part of the engineering.
Town Questionnaire

Ellie mailed the group a first draft of a proposed town-side questionnaire and introduction written by George.  

Various suggestions included putting it on the town website, in a newsletter, listing the good things the commission has done, etc. It should be easy to score. Ellie said we should finalize it and then forward it to the person in Planning who is doing the next Conservation Development.  

Dave said the original town-wide questionnaire was funded by CRERPA. Ted said it needs a title. Paul asked how much open space we have purchased since 1997.  We can compare the amount of open space to the number of new homes (acres developed).  The town has acquired about 950 acres of open space.

Ellie asked everyone to review the questionnaire and introduction and send comments to Ellie and Taffy. Ted will see if he can get an electronic version of Conservation and Development from 199?.  Dave will talk to CRERPA about funding the questionnaire.

Other Business

George said Glastonbury just went biodiesel.  The “grease car” is being pushed.  It uses McDonald’s old fat.  George will contact Sophie Marsh on Jadon Drive.
George discussed a second questionnaire for Rogers Lake homeowners.  Holth is willing to support a feasibility study for dredging the lake.  Candlewood Lake has just dredged.  Saybrook is doing the North and South Coves.  Ted said Upper Mill Pond has just cut the weeds – all but two homeowners.
George said Plainville now forbids pesticides in their park.  Ellie asked if we could get this on the Town Hall agenda.  Dave said it’s better to talk directly to the Park and Rec people.
PRCD Letter – George will send the material to Mike.  Ellie will email Mike the final letter.
George discussed the composting project.  We need a place to deposit leaves collected by homeowners.  It costs about $15,000 a year.  The Carl Gerr property would be good.  The leaves are to be carried in dumpsters, dumped, and mixed properly.  The Town could sell the resulting compost.
Ellie is going to take the LULA (Land Use Leadership Alliance) training.  It is four Fridays, ending in November.  It includes a mix of all sorts of interested people.
George said we need an enforcement officer for conservation easements.  Mike said the town attorney should look at it.  Diana said she is taking care of writing up a standard conservation easement for Old Lyme.


Two certified letters from the DEP:
Old Lyme Marina re dredging – review period is already passed
12-1 Bank Road family wants to install a dock.  Ellie will send our standard dock letter.
LULA mail
Conservation Newsletter
Notice of Connecticut Farm Tours September 9th
Journal of UCONN Natural Resources
Woodstock Fair
Trust for Public Land hearing
Maine newsletter
L. I. Sound Updated
L. I. Sound survey – Municipal Environmental Progress Report


The commission will write a letter expressing our pleasure and gratitude for this addition to the Town’s open space along 156 to Lea and Muffy Griswold.
Dave will forward Tom’s letter to the commission members to edit.  
Marianne will expand the section on buffer plantings in the Town Hall letter.  
George will add information about poly pavement to the Town Hall letter.
Ellie asked everyone to review the questionnaire and introduction and send comments to Ellie and Taffy.
Ted will see if he can get an electronic version of Conservation and Development from 2005.  
Dave will talk to CRERPA about funding the town questionnaire.

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