Town of Old Lyme, CT
52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371
ph: (860) 434-1605
Town Report                 
Old Lyme Animal Shelter
and Animal Control Department

The shelter was busy again this year. We
rescued three feral cat colonies and were
able to adopt out most of the cats. We also
helped Pet Connections with some cats that
they had rescued in Old Lyme. Our new cat
area has been a blessing and we are all
grateful that we have the space to house
all these abandoned animals. Everyone that
visits the shelter is very impressed with the
cheerful atmosphere. They feel Old Lyme
has a wonderful facility and the staff do too!

This year we rescued 103 animals from the
streets of Old Lyme. We returned 49 of these
to their owners, adopted 47 to new homes.
The other 7 were carried over into the next
fiscal year.  There were 12 dog bites and 268
complaints from residents.

Many people still have to be reminded that
dogs are not allowed to roam off of their
property, and are not to be barking and
disturbing their neighbors. Aggressive
behavior towards people or other animals
is absolutely not tolerated and all dog bites
are to be reported to the Animal Control
Officer. State statue requires that the dogs
that bite have to be quarantined.

And, of course, all dogs have to be licensed
at the Town Hall. This seems to be a problem
for some people, but they need to realize that
there are many important reasons why this
has to be done other than the fact that it is
a state law.

Residents of Old Lyme that need help with
their pets can feel free to call us about any
problem. We will help and we have a network
of other people to call on. One of the situations
we run into, and we can’t stress this enough,
is that if you can no longer take care of your
pet, please call us and we will either take it
into the shelter or help you find a new home.
We find many animals roaming that we know
have been “dumped out”!

We are located at 3  Machnik Drive off of Hatchet
Hill Rd. which is off of Four Mile River Road near
exit 71. Please call us at (860) 434-3047.

Martha Rumskas
Animal Control Officer 
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