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Inlands Wetlands Commission Minutes 04/25/2017


PRESENT WERE:   Skip DiCamillo, Tom Machnik, and Evan Griswold.  Also present were Keith Rosenfeld and Kim Groves.

17-2  Inna Masco – 178-5 Boston Post Road – Adding 24 x 24 wood terrace 1 foot or less in height.

Mr. Masco presented the proposal to the commission.   He stated they are proposing to add a wood-terrace deck less than 1 ft. from the wall that separates the land from Rogers Lake.  He stated there is currently a retaining wall that is in disrepair.   The commission reviewed the drawings and agreed to set a Site Walk for Thursday, May 4th at 5:30 p.m.  The commission requested the area be staked prior to the walk.   

17-3 Peter & Mildred Caron – 442-1 Shore Road – 2 Lot Subdivision – no activity within the regulated area.   Request for finding of no jurisdiction.

Stuart Fairbanks of Angus McDonald and Gary Sharpe and Associates presented the application on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Caron who purchased the property several years ago.   He noted the proposal is to divide the 9 acre parcel into two lots.  The existing home would be approximately 2.17 acres and the new lot would be approximately 6.90 acres.  This lot currently has an existing barn on the site.   Fairbanks also stated that an on-site soils and wetlands investigation was done on this site.   He noted a copy of the report is available with the application.   Fairbanks noted there is no activity proposed within the regulated area.  The commission expressed concern of the schematic location of the home.  Fairbanks explained that in order two create the two lots (subdividing the property) the zoning regulations require that both a schematic house, septic and well locations
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be drawn on the plan.   He further stated it will be up to whoever purchases the property as to where they located the home and at that point if it is within the regulated area the applicant would need to come back before this commission for approval, but at this point the property was just being divided into two parcels.  

Discussion ensued and the commission was concerned about the proximity of the schematic house location,  possibility clearing and lawn creation.   The commission agreed to set a site walk for Thursday, May 4th at 6:00 p.m.

17-4 John & Daryl Hornby – 7 Mill Pond Lane – Building addition, landscaping, reconfiguration of pool and patio.

Ross Gladstone, of Indigo Land Design and David Duncan of Needham & Duncan Architecture, LLC were present to review the application with the commission.  
Gladstone stated the applicant is proposing to remove the existing deck to the rear of the existing 4 bedroom home and construct an addition and patio area with retaining walls to the rear as well as make other improvements to the pool and patio area.   David Duncan stated that currently the water runs down across the pool/patio area so their proposal was to elevate a portion of the area and direct the water around the area.   Evan Griswold asked if they would consider some sort of rain garden or lawn/shrub area that would catch some of the water.  The commission reviewed the drawings provided with the application and agreed to set a site walk for Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.


17-1 Sandy Spencer/ Bill McNeil – 30 Whippoorwill Road – Removing material to level backyard for safety and correct erosion into basement.

Mr. McNeil submitted a letter to the commission requesting this application be tabled until the May meeting.  Skip DiCamillo noted that he has requested Tom Metcalf to review the application.

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Hains Park Boathouse – Modification for flammable lockers

Paul Gianquintto stated the Fire Marshal was concerned with the location of the storage of the gasoline.  The new proposal is to store it outside in a flammable locker.   The commission reviewed its location on the drawings provided and determined it was within the upland review area.  The commission determined there would be no additional impacts and advised the applicant of their favorable response.   

Respectfully submitted,

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