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WPCA Minutes 10/15/2009

REGULAR MEETING, Thursday, October 15, 2009
7:30 P.M.

The Old Lyme Water Pollution Control Authority held a Regular Meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2009, at 7:30 p.m. in the second floor conference room of Memorial Town Hall.  Those present and voting were:  Tom Risom, Chairman, George James, Joe O’Connor, Roger Breunig (arrived at 8:36 p.m.), Dimitry Tolchinsky, Louisa Grogan, Amie Eberly, Michael Dickey, Mervin Roberts, Steve Dix, Angus MacDonald and Ron Rose, Sanitarian.

Chairman’s Report

Chairman Risom distributed the minutes of the September Regular Meeting.  Chairman Risom explained that he and Sue Bartlett took the Regulations that Mike Dickey retyped and cut and pasted them into a more logical sequence; and separating them into two documents, regulations and by-laws.  He noted that Attorney Michael Wells, on his own accord, is no longer representing the WPCA.  Chairman Risom stated that Attorney Ron Oschner, an associate of Branse, Willis and Knapp, represents several WPCA’s in the State and comes highly recommended.  He noted that the Commission has been discussing, for quite some time, having the Regulations changed to prohibit steel tanks and cesspools and to add the requirement that when a structure or use is increased a conforming septic must be installed, not just demonstrated.  Chairman Risom explained that there are many confusions in the existing regulations and associated attachments, and he felt that it would be prudent to do a comprehensive rewrite/reorganization.  He indicated that to reduce the cost, he has done some of the preliminary organization work.  Chairman Risom distributed copies of the two proposed documents and asked the Commission members to review them, see if the order makes more sense to them, and aid him in determining that nothing has been inadvertently omitted.

Chairman Risom stated that he would like to send these documents and all comments to Attorney Oschner within the next two weeks, providing him with two additional weeks to add the Commission’s desired changes and present it along with any other recommended changes at the November Regular Meeting.  He provided his email address for Commission members to send their comments.  

Mr. James asked Chairman Risom to explain the Registry Regulation, specifically the list of 400 people that was referred to at the Zoning Commission Meeting last evening.  Chairman Risom explained the proposed Registry Regulation and how the process would work.  He noted that those 400 people on the list will get an automatic zoning approval to become year round.  Chairman Risom stressed that this is only an automatic zoning approval and that these people will still have to meet Building Code and Health Code and any other applicable codes.  Chairman Risom stated that the Public Hearing has been closed but the Zoning Commission has not voted on the amendment.  Chairman Risom stated that it appears that the list of 400 people are the members of South Lyme Property Owners, but there was no defined criteria for the list.  Chairman Risom noted that another obstacle in conversion could be meeting FEMA Code.  Mr. Rose indicated that FEMA changed the minimum flood elevation just last week.  He noted that it is now elevation 14.

Chairman Risom noted that the annual report is due for the Town Report and unless some one else would like to volunteer, he will write it and submit it to Ms. Dickey.

Mr. Roberts stated that it has been remarked that if the Commission were to establish Areas of Concern or Special Districts, they would be admitting a problem to DEP.  He indicated that Old Saybrook did this and asked for a grant which had been promised to them.  Mr. Roberts stated that because Old Saybrook admitted that there was a problem, the DEP didn’t have to prove there was a problem.  He warned the Commission into entering any type of agreement with DEP or designating a Special District.  Chairman Risom pointed that Point ‘O Woods already has sewers based on the 1982 abatement study.

Chairman Risom stated that part of settlement of the lawsuit with South Lyme Property Owners had to do with the WPCA allowing alternate type systems, which they do.  He noted that since that time, DEP has changed the approval of these systems back to the Towns but in order to use them the Towns have to establish a Wastewater Management District.

Mr. James stated that the plan for Old Lyme Heights has been received by the Planning Commission.  He explained that it is 128 acre parcel off the Boston Post Road, behind Old Stagecoach Road.  Mr. James stated that the development is a concern because there are 38 homes and the run-off from these homes will impact Rogers Lake.  He stated that the FMTM development is 53 acres and 5 homes.  Mr. James stated that there has been quite a bit of clear-cutting in the area, all of which is affecting the lake.  Mr. Risom noted that the backside, or north side, will drain back to Stone’s Ranch.  Mr. James stated that the WPCA could create an Area of Special Concern.  He noted that one third of the Town’s watershed is in the Rogers Lake area.  Mr. James stated that the Town is to receive 19 percent of the 128 acres in open space.

Chairman Risom stated that the plans for the high school are in the Zoning Office if anyone is interested in looking at them.

Roger Breunig arrived at this time (8:34 p.m.)  Chairman Risom provided Mr. Breunig a brief overview of the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m. on a motion by Mervin Roberts and seconded by Angus MacDonald.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan J. Bartlett
Recording Secretary

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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