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WPCA Minutes 07/11/2017
WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes
Present: Chairman Richard Prendergast, Treasurer Doug Wilkinson, Sal Cancelliere, Steve Cinami, Rob McCarthy, Joe Carpentino and Andrea Lombard. Bonnie Reemsnyder and Ms. Nosal were both present along with approximately 15 members of the public.
Call to Order: Chairman Prendergast called the meeting to order at 7:30.
Approval of the minutes- June 13th, 2017: Mr. Wilkinson made a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Sal Cancelliere. An amendment was made to the previous meeting minutes. In public comment, Pete Garvin’s name was misspelled as Pete Garin. The minutes with the amendment were approved unanimously.
Chairman’s Report:
  • Status of Costal Wastewater and Environmental Impact Evaluation publication- The Environmental Impact Evaluation is currently being reviewed by the DEEP. After the EIE is published, the public will have a chance to respond.  
  • Update on Hawks Nest monitoring:  Water flow and well evaluation- Invoice 140610 for $7,439.45 was approved and signed by Mr. Prendergast and Mr. Wilkinson. This invoice was to Woodard & Curran for their work on the water evaluation plan. In the future, there will be a final report with conclusions, and we will move to the next testing stage.
Budget Update and Expenses:
Treasurer Wilkinson discussed the WPCA budget. He noted that a large portion of our budget has not been spent because the state has been slow in approving our plan. Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Prendergast will both attend a finance meeting next week in order to discuss the WPCA budget with the town finance. Mr. Prendergast and Mr. Wilkinson will discuss the possibility of a carry-over for the next year.
Correspondence: None
Old Business:
  • Sewer education planning: The committee is committed to open communication with the public. Mr. Wilkinson made a motion to hold an August meeting in Soundview to discuss concerns with local residents. The motion was seconded by Rob McCarthy. The motion was approved. Next, there was a discussion on whether or not the benefit assessment was necessary and prudent. There was a robust discussion that will continue to be discussed.  
New Business:  There were insightful questions and discussion in this part of the meeting. For example, there was a discussion on how we are communicating with other WPCAs. Many members discussed the importance of open discussion with other WPCAs.
Public Comment:
Rob Breen: The Soundview community center is free August 8th for a public meeting.
Ms. Nosal: The meeting at Soundview is a great idea. Public outreach is important.
Dave Mittchell: Concerned that Hawk’s Nest monitoring is not a high enough priority.
Ms. Reemsnyder: Recommends mailing to announce public information session.
Carol Mitchell: Agreed with Dave Mittchell’s previous comment and asked a question about the wells.
Elizabeth Atwood: Columbus Avenue wants to be viewed as a road in the town. There are 37 homes; 21 will be included in the plan. Why are all the homes not included?
James Burge: The wells we are looking at are primarily for health. We should place wells near drinking water.
Submitted by Jacob Olson

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