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WPCA Minutes 05/09/2017
WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes
May 9th, 2017
Present: Regular Members: Chairman Richard Prendergast, Treasurer Doug Wilkinson, Sal Cancelliere, Steve Cinami, Dimitri Tolchinski, Rob McCarthy, and Andrea Lombard.
Call to Order: Chairman Prendergast called the meeting to order at 7:30.
Approval of the Minutes- April 11th, 2017
Mr. Wilkinson made a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes. The motion was seconded by Dimitri Tolchinski. No edits were suggested. The minutes were approved unanimously with Ms. Lombard and Mr. Wilkinson abstaining.   
Chairman Report:
  • Update on Coastal Waste Water Plan and Environmental Impact Evaluation publication:  There has been limited progress on this item. Carlos from DEEP is still evaluating the EIE for consistency. The public will soon have an opportunity to respond to the EIE and then the DEEP will respond to public comment.   
  • Update on Hawk’s Nest Monitoring: We have successfully installed a data-logging well close to Route 156. This well will be used to measure water level and determine water-flow mapping. The surveyor will finalize the height of the wells this week. The committee would like to thank the kind surveyor who went out of his way to help our town at a reduced price. Thank You!
Budget Update and Expenses:
a.      Budget update - Treasurer Wilkinson emphasized how little money the WPCA has spent so far this year. Expenses could grow as the state makes progress on the town’s plans. It was mentioned that there will be a $150 invoice for locks on the wells.
b.      Review of any new invoices acceptance- No new invoices.
The WPCA discussed some pertinent correspondence. One piece of correspondence was concerned that storm drains and drinking wells next to data-logging wells could skew results. Mr. Prendergast responded by saying there is no requirement for data-logging wells to be 75 feet away. He did note that it might be prudent to consider this though.
Another piece of correspondence was concerned that Woodard & Curran choosing the lab to test water samples could be a conflict of interest.  Members were divided on whether it is in the town’s best interest for the WPCA or Woodard & Curran to make this decision.

Old Business: None
New Business:
The members continued to discuss the best ways to publish the information and inform members of the public about our plan. Mr. Chan, not in attendance, created a PowerPoint and shared it with the group. The WPCA made small changes to the original PowerPoint. It was suggested that the WPCA meet with Soundview to discuss the plan. It was also suggested to possibly discuss the plan with the school PTAs.

Public Comment:
Sandy Garvin asked where the beach communities were in the construction processes. Mr. Prendergast said that their progress was unclear.
Rob Breen agreed with members of the community that public education is very important
Doug Wilkinson made a motion to adjourn. Andrea Lombard seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

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