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WPCA Minutes 04/11/2017
WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes
April 11th, 2017
Present: Regular Members: Vice-Chair Donna Bednar, Treasurer Doug Wilkinson, Sal Cancelliere, Steve Cinami, Dimitri Tolchinski, Frank Chan, and Joseph Carpentino.
Call to Order: Vice-chair Donna Bednar called the meeting to order at 7:36 pm.
Approval of the Minutes- March 22nd, 2017
Members suggested edits to the previous month’s minutes. The minutes erroneously stated that Andrea Lombard and Steve Cinami were present at the previous meeting. Mr. Wilkinson made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections. The motion was seconded by Mr. Chan. The committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes with the added amendments.  
Chairman Report:
  • Discussions with DEEP and Wood & Curran on the status of Coastal Waste Water Plans-There were no discussions with the DEEP. Wood & Curran is working on getting the EIE (Environmental Impact Evaluation) and CWWP ready for publication in the Environmental Monitor by April 18th or May 2nd. The committee is pushing for the earlier date.    
Update on test well evaluation: The installation of a new test well on Route 156 will proceed in the very near future. Rob McCarthy evaluated the wells saving the committee and tax payers their money. Thank you, Mr. McCarthy.  Wells still have to be surveyed by a professional. Mr. Prendergast was able to negotiate and lower the price of a well surveyor to $1,800 to $1,500. This also saved taxpayers!
Budget Update and Expenses:
a.      Budget update - Treasurer Wilkinson said that the committee is continuing its financially responsible approach. There have been no new invoices. There are invoices that Mr. Wilkinson is aware of that will be coming up. There is a $25,000 carry-over from Wood & Curran. There is a $1,600 invoice from Wood & Curran. There is a $690 invoice from the town attorney. There is the $1,500 invoice for the surveyor.  
b.      Review of any new invoices acceptance- No new invoices.
Correspondence was discussed at this point of the meeting; however, for ease of reading, the correspondence will be appear at the end of the minutes.
Old Business: None
New Business:
There was discussion on how to best spread the word and educate the town on our plan. Mr. Chan was proactive and discussed strategies like a PowerPoint, flyer, and possibly a form of social media. There were also discussions about putting an article in the Lymeline, Lyme Times, and New London day. The members agreed to work on the PowerPoint, flyer, etc. and share the information through email or a share point.

Public Comment:
Dave Mitchell noted that the integrity of the wells is important. The EDU discussion will also be important.
Rob Breen said that public outreach is important and likes the idea of using traditional postal mailing. He said we should solicit questions and concerns from the public.
Carol Mitchell likes the public outreach to include postal mail and a website.  
Doug Wilkinson made a motion to adjourn. Steve Cinami seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

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