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WPCA Minutes 10/11/2016
WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes
11 October 16, 2016
Present:  Regular Members- Chairman Richard Prendergast, Vice Chair Donna Bednar Treasurer Douglas Wilkinson, Dimitri Tolchinski, Sal Cancelliere, Robert McCarthy, Frank Chan, Andrea Lombard, Ernest Lorda, Joe Carpentino.  Steve Cinami arrived approximately 5 minutes late. Also present were first selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder and Jay Sheehan from Woodard and Curran. Approximately 10 members of the public were present.
Call to Order- Chairman Richard Prendergast called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
Approval of Minutes- 13th of September 2016
No amendments or corrections were made to the minutes. Mr. Wilkinson made a motion to approve the minutes, and Mr. Chan seconded the motion. The previous minutes were approved.
Chairman Report:
  • Status of Coastal Waste Water Facilities Plan Amendment Submittal- We have submitted the plan to DEEP and DEEP responded with comments. We are working with Woodward and Curran to finalize the plan.
  • Discussions with Attorney Lord-We will be getting invoices shortly for our attorney’s participation in discussions with the state to ensure we remain on the priority list to receive Clean Water funds.
  • Discussions with Wood & Curran- Wood & Curran was present for a later discussion on the Costal Waste Water Facilities Plan
  • Discussions with Deep- We have to resolve issues with scope of work so the state can approve the plan. We must place another well for map flow testing along route 156. The new well would be used for data collection.
Budget Updates and Expenses:
  • Budget Update- Treasurer Wilkinson said that the committee is doing well financially and has only spent money on meeting clerks.
  • Review of any new invoices- No new invoices
No new correspondence. Mr. Prendergast did note that some members had retiring terms, but he encouraged members to, despite the challenges, continue on the board.   
Old Business:
In this section, we focused on the Coastal Waste Water Facilities Plan. This document is nearly 200 pages so we could only review a fraction of the emails. Nevertheless, the board did make changes and have discussion. They clarified word choice and changed select locations to certain locations. Sal Cancelliere said that the WPCA has a responsibility to make sure EDU counts are accurate, so that nobody gets ripped off. Similarly, Ernest Lorda said he was concerned that table ES-1 did not seem to be proportional. Prendergast reminded members that small differences in the number of EDUs were insignificant. The meeting also discussed public outreach. Jay Sheehan from Wood & Curran said that the time lime was extremely important, and the residents of Old Lyme must be well informed. Table 8-4 was reformatted to make it easier to understand.
New Business:
Dimitri Tolchinski mentioned that at the East Lyme Public Library on October 19th from 6:30- 9:00 a professor from Uconn would be presenting on groundwater. This was originally reported by The Day newspaper.
 Public Comment:
Dave Mitchells Columbus Avenue- He discussed the timing of data collection, and said that there should be some provision to ensure that they can consider data if it comes in late. He thanked all the members for their public service.
Rob Green Swan Beach- He has concerns about the timeline of public information. He wants to share information quickly, so no false rumors destroy support for the project.
Prendergast closed public comment and responded. He said he liked suggestions about the data collecting wells. Discussing timing, he said additional timing at Hawk’s Nest will start this summer (the length of the testing is dependent on the data). Prendergast agreed that the WPCA will actively seek to inform the public of our plan.
Donna Bednar made a motion to adjourn. Douglas Wilkinson seconded the motion.  

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