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WPCA Minutes 9/15/2016
WPCA Regular Meeting Minutes
13 September 2016
Present: Regular Members- Chairman Richard Prendergast, Treasurer Douglas Wilkinson, Dimitri Tolchinski, Sal Cancelliere, Robert McCarthy, Frank Chan, Andrea Lombard, Ernest Lorda, Joe Carpentino. First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder was in the audience. Approximately 25 members of the public were in the audience.
Call to Order: Chairman Richard Prendergast called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
Approval of the Minutes- August 9th, 2016
Joe Carpentino requested that in the Call to Order section of the minutes and in the final paragraph, he be properly identified as Joe Carpentino and not Joe Cancelliere. Andrea Lombard requested that she be identified as Ms. Lombard not Mrs. Lombard. In public comment, PCR was misspelled as PCArt. The Wood and Curran engineer name was corrected to Amine Hanafi. Also regarding a motion by Mr. Wilkinson to deny septic system pump outs, Ernest Lorda seconded the motion.
Ernest Lorda made a motion to approve the minutes with corrections. Sal Cancelliere seconded the motion. The minutes with corrections were approved.
Chairman Report:
  • Status of Coastal Waste Water Facilities Plan amendment submittal- Mr. Prendergast began by reviewing the steps for final approval of our plan. He then discussed his meeting with DEEP and the state of Connecticut to discuss how adding sewers is not going to have a huge development for the town. Mr. Prendergast explained that our town already has sufficient regulations to manage growth.  Ms. Reemsnyder concurred that the zoning officer did an excellent job explaining our zoning regulations in the meeting.
  • Discussions with Attorney Lord- We will be receiving bills for our Attorney’s participation in meetings with DEEP.
  • Discussions with Wood & Curran- There have been discussions with Wood & Curran about managing our plan for the town’s scope. Wood & Curran is in discussion with the State to ensure that the final plan will be approved.
Budget Update and Expenses:
a.      Budget update - Treasurer Wilkinson said that the committee has only spent only $100 this year. This money has been spent on meeting clerks. He commented that attorney Andrew Lord should send his invoices in more timely. He also said that the $25,000 in our budget from last year is in the carryover account.
b.      Review of any new invoices acceptance- No new invoices.
Correspondence: James Birge, 3 Hemlock Circle, asked for answers to the questions he asked at a previous meeting:
When will testing be performed and what kind of testing will be done?
How much money was wasted for the 14 years of testing under Jacobson?
Who is going to pay for road repair when the roads are opened for sewer pipes? Will the cost be borne by Sound View only, or by all taxpayers?
How long will the additional testing continue?
Can the WPCA website be brought up to date?
Mr. Prendergast noted that some questions seemed sarcastic and that for many questions the answer was simply we don’t know.
Old Business:
Mr. Prendergast referenced the memorandum from Wood & Curran to begin the section. Following Mr. Chan’s suggestion, the committee agreed that they need more than 5 days to review the monthly project update from Wood & Curran. In addition, Mr. Prendergast reviewed the multiple revisions Wood & Curran recommended. They included updating table 2-6 to include Ammonia and applicable standards and explaining the meaning of AE, VE, and Z zones. Mr. Prendergast noted that these changes seemed minor.
Next, a discussion of who should pay for pavement followed. Prendergast said Wood & Curran said that the state will pay for a 4-5-foot patching or if repaving the surface is the same cost than the clean waters fund can be spent repaving the whole surface. The current plan is that the people who would benefit from the pavements will pay for the pavements.  Ms. Reemsnyder commented that if a road was scheduled to be paved before the sewers were put in, the town would wait to pave the roads until after.
We then moved on to the discussion of EDUs. Wood & Curran defined an EDU as (copied and pasted) “EDU: One Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) is equivalent to the average household within a community. A single family home equals one EDU. The number of units in a multi-family home or apartment complex equals the number of EDUs. For example, a two-unit house equals two EDUs. EDU is used to determine the average wastewater flow received by the treatment facility for one single-family housing unit.” Wood & Curran in the same memo said “The average daily sanitary flow was estimated using the Town’s census data of 2.39 people per household with an average water consumption of 75 gallons per capita per day.” Mr. Prendergast said we must take a look at the number of EDUs and make sure we are okay with it. A discussion followed about special cases involving the number of EDUs.
New Business:
No new business.
Public Comment:
Skip Sibley, Old Lyme. He commented that it was an interesting discussion on EDUs. How will unused land be counted for EDUs? Vacant houses could be converted to multi-family units.
Sandy Garvin, Hawks Nest Beach, was concerned about getting public water for Hawk’s Nest Beach.
Elizabeth from Hawk’s Nest Beach- when will water study start? Is there an end date? What is the plan once results come back?
Rob Green, Swan Ave, encouraged the WPCA to share their knowledge with the sound view property owners.
Mr. Prendergast agreed it is a great idea to share information about the EDUs with the public. Ms. Reemsynder said that there is a priority list at Connecticut Water to get people public water. She said that when a community installs sewers they go up in the priority list. Mr. Prendergast said the Hawk’s Nest water study will hopefully start collecting data for the 2017 year.
Douglas Wilkinson made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded by Ernest Lorda shortly after 9:00 pm.

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