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Tree Commission Minutes 04/20/2017

Minutes of a meeting of
The Old Lyme Tree Commission
April 20, 2017
Members present: Joanne DiCamillo (regular), Anne Bing (regular), Joan Flynn (alternate)
Members absent: Gerry Foster (regular), Emily Griswold (regular)
Ex-officio members absent: Tom Degnan, Tree Warden

Chairman Joanne DiCamillo called the meeting to order at 4:11 p.m. The commission has openings for two members.
Joanne DiCamillo authorized Joan Flynn, Alternate, to vote in place of Emily Griswold.

The minutes of the March 2017, 2017 meeting were considered.
Motion:~ Anne Bing made a motion, seconded by Joan Flynn, to approve the minutes as presented. All present voted in favor, motion passed.
Balance:~Mrs. DiCamillo reported that there was $7,658.38 in the total Tree Commission budget, as of 4/03/2017, with $3,000 remaining in the Contracted Services line item.
2018-2019 Budget request approved by BOF
Mrs. DiCamillo reported that the Tree Commission budget request for $16,050 was approved by the Board of Finance. This amount is the same as last year.

Trees reported to Town Hall
Stephen Aird of 15 Ferry Road, reported a maple tree that was dying and losing branches with every wind storm. Mr. Degnan posted the tree. It has been removed.
Ferry Road: Two additional maples were posted by the tree warden and have been removed.
Mile Creek Road: A large pine tree fell near 183 Mile Creek Rd, taking down the power lines, and was removed. The tree warden posted four additional pine trees for removal in that area and three more trees at 181 and 184 Mile Creek Road, for a total of seven trees to be removed. Eversource and Tennett Tree Service will be in charge of the work.
Mr. Casey, a resident at 151 Mile Creek Road, contacted town hall about a tree that fell in the front of his property. Mrs. DiCamillo visited the site and could not determine whether the tree is located on town property. She emailed the tree warden and suggested consulting the town maps.   
Mr. Tonino contacted town hall asking if a permit had been approved to take down a tree in the wetlands at 49 Four Mile River Road.  
Mrs. DiCamillo reported a heavily damaged tree for removal to the tree warden. It is growing along the ROW on the south side of Sill Lane #2.

Spring tree planting: Mrs. DiCamillo called Barbara Traskos in March and left a voice mail message regarding planting a tree in front of her house on Lyme Street this spring. She has not heard back from her.

Lymes’ Senior Center - Phase #3 landscape plan update
Mrs. DiCamillo has been informed by Barbara Blackwell that phases 1& 2 of the landscape plan have been completed. Phase 3, planting shrubs and grasses, will take place this spring when the plant material is available at the garden centers. Mrs. DiCamillo will meet with Mrs. Blackwell to go over the phase 3 planting plan.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS                                                              
Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth information
The members discussed the report from the Tree Wardens Association of Connecticut regarding the emerald ash borer and the gypsy moth. The gypsy moth infestation is expected to be a serious problem this year, many egg cases have been found on trees. A disease-causing fungus could help reduce the numbers of gypsy moth caterpillars. The spores of the fungus germinate in the spring and work best if rain is abundant. The fungus was responsible for a large kill-off of gypsy moths in past years. The emerald ash borer has been found in Connecticut, primarily west of the Connecticut River, however, recent findings confirm it is at our borders with East Lyme and Old Saybrook. The tree warden is not certain about the number of ash trees that are growing in Old Lyme. He told the Board of Finance that he will conduct a drive through window inspection on town roads. The trees can be treated with a systemic insecticide to kill the ash borer, but it is expensive, and the insecticide is harmful to beneficial insects as well.

Michele Hayes set up a display in the Selectmen’s office with important information. Brochures are available to town residents on Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth.  

Contractor source for planting and watering new trees
The tree warden suggested Ferry Road as a location for planting new trees. Mrs. DiCamillo responded that consistent watering after the trees are planted is a concern. A commitment from homeowners to partner with the tree commission, and keep the trees watered for a minimum of two growing seasons, continues to be an obstacle. She has contacted several contractors for help in the past to no avail. Recently, she spoke with a representative of a local tree company who may be able to provide the support we need.

Congregational Church - maple tree
Mrs. DiCamillo visited town hall and, with the help of the town clerk, located the property map of the Congregational Church on Lyme Street. The survey map showed that the maple tree is located on church property. Mrs. DiCamillo reported her finding to the Secretary of the Historic District Commission and stated that this is not a town issue. The metal straps and screws are still attached to the tree.

The next scheduled meeting of the Old Lyme Tree Commission will be held May 18, 2017 at 4:00 P.M. in Old Lyme Town Hall.

Motion: Anne Bing made a motion, seconded by Joan Flynn,~to adjourn the meeting at 5:13 p.m. All present voted in favor. Motion passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha Hansen, Clerk

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM