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Town Woods Committee Minutes 04/19/06
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Minutes of the April 19, 2006 Town Woods Committee meeting.

Present: Don Bugbee, Bob Dunn, Glynn McAraw, Phil Neaton, Jason Thornton

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Bob Dunn provided the agenda for the meeting and each item was addressed as follows.

1. The minutes from the previous meeting, held on February 1, 2006, were reviewed.  Phil Neaton made a motion, seconded by Glynn McAraw, to accept the minutes as written.  The motion passed unanimously.

2. Bob Dunn indicated that a group of VFW volunteers, headed by Mr. James Noyes, were interested in building (4) 6-ft picnic tables that could be placed at Town Woods Park.  Their VFW organization was also willing to donate $300 towards the cost of materials.  Glynn McAraw made a motion, seconded by Phil Neaton, to approve the building of the 4 tables by the VFW volunteers. Also, the Town Woods Committee would provide additional funding, not to exceed $100, towards the material costs if needed. The motion passed unanimously.  Bob Dunn expressed thanks, on behalf of the Committee, to Mr. Noyes and the VFW volunteers for their generosity, considerations and efforts.

3. Bob Dunn initiated discussions concerning the installation of 2 scoreboards at the Park.  The scoreboards were donated by Ken Kitchings (Coca Cola) and are presently stored at the Park. The Town Woods Park Building Committee had previously approved the installation and the engineered drawings provided the locations.  

On Friday, April 14, 2006, a meeting was held on-site to review and discuss the proposed installation process. Don Bugbee, Bob Dunn, Phil Neaton, Todd Machnik (Machnik Bros Construction) and Jason Zelek (Zelek Electric) attended the meeting. It was agreed upon on-site that the installation of the scoreboards, at the proposed location or at alternative locations, should be re-evaluated and discussed with the Town Woods Committee.

Don Bugbee and Bob Dunn relayed these concerns to the Town Woods Committee and general discussions followed concerning:
a) Player safety and liability issues for injuries, due to the close proximity of the    scoreboards to the playing areas.
b)  Liability issues with changing locations from the approved engineered drawings.
c) Location and placement of the scoreboards in a manner that would be aesthetically pleasing in relationship to the lay-out of the Park and also to the Senior Center Building.
d) Responsibilities of operation of these scoreboards by the various Soccer and Lacrosse groups using the fields.
e)  Possible personal issues or effects concerning Ken Kitchings and his donations.

Phil Neaton made a motion, seconded by Jason Thornton, to not install these scoreboards at Town Woods Park based on the previously listed concerns. The motion passed unanimously.

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Bob Dunn and Don Bugbee agreed to meet and discuss these concerns and decisions with Ken Kitchings. Bob Dunn stated that the Towns of Lyme and Old Lyme should be responsible for transporting the scoreboards either back to Coca Cola or to a new recipient.  The Committee agreed.

4.  Bob Dunn initiated discussions about an enclosure for the Port-o-lets.  He stated that he has an estimate from Steve Hallahan for approximately $3800. He also stated that the Town Woods Building Committee for allotted (up to) $2500 for the project. Glynn McAraw made a motion, seconded by Phil Neaton, to get additional estimates for this project. The motion passed unanimously.

5.  Don Bugbee provided an update on the Field House, as follows:
a) The water had been turned on.
b) The Cleaning service had been contacted and would begin work.
c) The Weather Vane had been vandalized.
d) The telephone and security system had yet to be completed.
e) The entryway stone work had been completed.
f) The spring schedules would be provided to Illianos, which would allow for the    Concession Stand to be opened.

6. Phil Neaton provided an update on the field conditions.  He stated that the fields were opened and in good shape. He also stated that the irrigation system had been made operational and that the LED, on an Auto-Control Valve, was not displaying and needed to, and would be, fixed. He also stated that the Tarps placed over several goal mouth areas last fall were removed and had served their purpose very well.

Don Bugbee indicated that the Park had been closed to all activity for the previous 24 hour period because of a pre-emergent application on the fields. He also stated that the Youth Lacrosse and Adult Soccer spring schedules were available and active. He would be receiving the Youth Soccer schedules shortly.

7.  Bob Dunn provided an update on the plaques.  He stated that they were not completed yet and the effort would be ongoing. He also indicated that the Illianos sign over the Concession Stand should be replaced with a wooden sign. He contacted Melody Greene (Signs by Melody) about a new sign. Don Bugbee and Melody met at the Building to discuss this as well.

Don Bugbee made a motion, seconded by Jason Thornton, to have a new sign made and for the cost to not exceed $100.  The motion passed unanimously.

8. There were no new items to discuss.

Glynn McAraw made a motion, seconded by Phil Neaton, to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. No date has been set for the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Don Bugbee  April 20, 2006


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