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Sound View Commission Minutes 04/23/2018
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
23 April, 2018
7.30 pm
Town Hall

Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), Sandra Ziemba (alternate), Frank Maratta (Alternate), David Kelsey, Joann Reis Lishing
Absent: Harry Plaut, Jackie Miano (Alternate),
Also Present (ex officio): First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal

7.33 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo.

Sandy Ziemba was seated for Harry Plaut

Approval of March 27, 2017 Minutes:  
Sandra Ziemba motioned to approve. Discussion: Correct spelling of Greg Symon’s name. Dave Kelsey seconded. All in favor, Joann Lishing abstained, having been absent at the March meeting. Motion carried. Minutes approved with correction.

7.35 pm: Sound View Improvements
The Hartford Avenue Streetscape Project is complete. There will be an official ribbon cutting/ opening ceremony on Friday May 4th. The media will be invited, and the event will take place rain or shine. The final cost to the Town was $181,000. The project total was $651,000, all eligible for 80% reimbursement. The final project total came in  $30,000 under budget.

Frank Pappalardo thanked Mary Jo for Chairing the Design Committee. Also Angelo Faenza, Jim Lampos, John MacDonald, Bonnie Reemsnyder, Skip Sibley.

There will be a contest to design banners for the poles. A request for designs has gone out to the community for “Welcome to Sound View” type banners. Concepts should reflect Sound View’s status as a Connecticut Historic Place and America’s Oldest Public Beach (Est. 1892). There are many artists and designers in Old Lyme who would welcome the opportunity to showcase their designs. Deadline is April 30th.

8.28 Blight Ordinance: Attorney’s revisions based on public comments to Blight Ordinance are due back by July 1st. There will be further public informational meetings.

8.35 pm WPCA Update: EDU assessment is currently under discussion. Residents are strongly urged to attend WPCA meetings and review minutes. No further information is available at this time. Commission should be prepared to disseminate this info to the Sound View community once it is available from the WPCA.

8.37 Pump station in town parking lot lease:  
Frank Pappalardo said he had not yet seen a copy of the lease agreement. No further information is available at this time. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said it will be ready soon.

Neighborhood ZBA Updates (for informational purposes only):
Case 18-03C – Christopher Calvanese, 6-1 Pond Road, requests variances to allow reconstruction of the dwelling above base flood elevation in the Flood Hazard Area which requires variances for exceeding the height by 8’ (from required 24’ to proposed 32’), an increase in maximum lot coverage (from required 25% to proposed 29%) and minimum setback from other property line (12’ required/5.1’ existing).

Summer 2018 Planning:
Sandy contacted Pete Signore re portapotties. Would like at least half delivered by May 1st, balance by May 15th. Contract includes additional cleanings.

Signage: Frank Pappalardo and Bonnie Reemsnyder met to check signs on kiosks, parking lots, etc. When signs need to be redone as possible they will be formatted to match existing tan/ blue signs. Adding a sign: Parking Lot closes at 9pm. Once video cameras are installed, there will be additional signs to indicate surveillance.

David Kelsey spoke with Ed Adanti regarding painting the garbage cans. Dave will provide paint to match color, as specified by the receptacle manufacturer. Should be the same color as the sand on the beach.

Michaelle Pearson mentioned that the concrete Jersey barriers are still in place at the end of Hartford Avenue. They were to have been replaced with boulders this season, but it has not yet been done. Frank Pappalardo will contact Ed Adanti about having the barriers replaced with boulders, as done at other parks around town.

Frank Pappalardo met with First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, and Resident State Trooper Morse to discuss the enforcement issues prior to the season start. Police Services committee being formed to look at other policing options, such as potential regional collaboration with East Lyme, Old Lyme Municipal, or remain with present Resident Trooper model.Frank distributed a list of topics discussed. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled.

Events Committee is planning concerts and events for the 2018 season. Joann Lishing and Sandy Ziemba. 6/25 Old Lyme Town Band, 7/12 Four-Barrel Billy, 7/26 Red Satin. 8/9 and 8/23 TBD.

Flowers: Sandy will be planting the flower boxes on May 14th

Frank Maratta asked if the Commission could hire an event planner to plan a food festival/ food truck day for September/ October?
Frank Pappalardo said there’s no money in the budget for this year, but could look into it for next year. Need to ask if it’s possible? Spring or Fall? Would need to approach the Town with a formal request asking if they’d like to see this kind of event at Sound View? Would also need to get Ledge Light approval/ guidelines. Frank P. asked Frank M. to contact the person he knows. Possible small start this year, then larger next year. Frank M. to follow up with Frank P. before the May SVC meeting.

Frank Maratta also mentioned that there is a fundraiser underway for Heidi DiNino, who recently suffered the tragic loss of her son. Checks may be made out to Shaun Formica, and sent to Dino DiNino at 69 Hartford Avenue.

Joann Lishing said that the Chamber of Commerce will not sponsor the Osprey Festival this year, due to a shortage of personnel to run such a large undertaking.

Joann Lishing announced that the Sound View Independence Day Parade, sponsored by the Sound View Beach Association, will take place on July 7th this year.  It was suggested that the SVC might contribute a small sum for the children’s prizes, since this is an event that attracts families from all over town. Frank Pappalardo will add it as an agenda item for next meeting.

The list of concerts and events for Sound View Beach 2018 will be printed and made available by Memorial Day.


Frank Lishing, Swan Avenue: Asked that the Swim Lines be installed in a timely fashion, as they were very late last year.  Frank Pappalardo said this falls under the purview of Parks & Rec, not SVC. Don Bugbee will contact Harry Plaut re Swim Lines.

Gail Fuller, Swan Avenue: Asked if there was an update re the Miami Beach fence/ lawsuit?
Frank Pappalardo said no information was available. Frank Maratta asked why didn’t the Town just tear down the fence as had been done in the past? First Selectwoman Reemsnyder reminded him that the Town looked into the fence issue in depth last year, asking for advice from the Town Attoprney, DEEP, and the State Attorney General’s office. All determined that the Town does not have jurisdiction over the fence, nor any standing in the original lawsuit, and that any legal action must be undertaken by the successors of the original plaintiffs in the 1952 lawsuit.

Lenny Corto, Jr. of Lenny’s on the Beach, Hartford Avenue, asked if Miami beach is still receiving a stipend from the Town? David Kelsey answered that the stipend is for Security. The other beaches have historically been given money because they are overburdened by the public nature of Sound View. It is fair to ask if they should still receive this amount now that they have a revenue stream from charging admission. That’s a question for the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.

Lenny Corto, Jr. also asked about reducing the hours for paid parking, perhaps ending it at 5pm rather than 7pm. Frank Pappalardo said that the kiosk hours had been reviewed last year, and it was determined that a second, very destructive wave of beachgoers were arriving at or near 5pm, creating trash and security issues on the beach, which need to be paid for.

Selectwoman Nosal said that the kiosk hours were set based on careful assessment of data from many other towns, and also data pulled from several summers at Sound View. The hours were based on data, not perception.
Frank Pappalardo reiterated that the parking issue has been settled, and is not up for discussion. Many days, the lots are not filled. On peak days, parking is at a premium, just as at all other beaches and State Parks.

8.45pm  Sandy motioned to adjourn. Joann seconded. All in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9.45pm.

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