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Sound View Commission Minutes 10/23/2017
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
23th October, 2017
7.30 pm
Shoreline Community Center

Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), Joann Reis Lishing, Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), Harry Plaut, David Kelsey, Sandra Ziemba (alternate), Jackie Miano (Alternate)
Absent: Frank Maratta (Alternate),

7.30 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo.

Approval of September Minutes:  Joann Lishing motioned to approve, seconded by David Kelsey
All in favor. Harry Plaut and David Kelsey abstain due to absence.

7.32 pm: Sound View Improvements

Road painting has been done. Sign poles to be installed soon. Final walk-through will be November 6th.

Frank Pappalardo sent the SVC’s recommendations regarding the addition of new 30 minute business spaces to the Board of Selectmen.

7.46pm Zoning & Zoning Board of Appeals Updates :

Variance extension for 49 and 61B Hartford Avenue requested by Heidi Fields DiNino and Dino DiNino. Frank Pappalardo wrote a personal memo regarding this, stating that while he is in favor of Hartford Avenue being improved he is also concerned that in the time the DiNinos have had a variance they have not filed the proper permits with Zoning and Building departments.

The ZBA granted the variance extension granted with conditions that the applicants apply for the proper permits ASAP and move forward in the quickest reasonable time.

Angelo Faenza asked if the DiNinos only had permission to change from Commercial to Residential? Frank Pappalardo said Yes. To the best of his knowledge, nothing else has been approved. They did get a permit to replace the roof and siding, but nothing for the further construction or alterations. They also increased the footprint of the building. They now need to file a site plan to be approved by the Zoning Commission and also the successor to the Parking Commission, which is the Sound View Commission. In the Sound View Village District (SVVD) a  Change of Use requires not only ZBA approval but also Zoning approval of the site plan.

UMARS, 281 Shore Rd.
Waiting for decision.

280 Shore Road: Went to ZBA for setback approvals for parking. Variances approved earlier in the summer. Plans have been filed.

Sound View Village District Subcommittee update:  
(Excerpted from the Board of Selectmen Minutes 9/19/17)
Correspondence was submitted to the Board of Selectmen, with recommendations from the SVC, suggesting that due to the number of interrelated issues it might be a good idea if representatives from the WPCA, Zoning Commission, Planning Commission, BOS, Sound View Commission and the property owners could meet to discuss their plans and solicit informal comments and guidance regarding next steps. Jane Cable, Chair of the Zoning Commission expressed concerns about the recommendations. The Board of Selectmen unanimously expressed their concern about being asked to influence an elected commission or board, and stated that the owners need to go through the process and follow up with the Zoning Commission.

Hartford Avenue Banner Poles: Need to put out a request for designs to the community for “Welcome to Sound View” type banners. Concepts should reflect Sound View’s status as a Connecticut Historic Place and America’s oldest public beach (Est. 1892). There are many artists and designers in Old Lyme who would welcome the opportunity to showcase their designs. Frank Pappalardo will follow up. Press release to come.

Blight Ordinance: Draft Blight Ordinance has not been made available yet.

WPCA Update:
Pump station in town parking lot lease:  
Lease has been updated after a special meeting but is still being reviewed by the attorneys.

(Summary from Sept minutes:)
Going back to March 2016. Discussions re: leasing land in the parking lot to Miami Beach, Old Lyme Shores and Old Colony Beach Associations to host a sewerage pump station. Conditions for approval include that it be aesthetically pleasing, with no odor, and no noise issues for neighboring residents. Must be flood-proof, as the parking lot floods regularly. Must include public restrooms for Sound View Beach. Must be an appropriate, beach-style design. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder has been working on this with the town attorney and private beach associations. The lease has become quite complicated, but is nearing a final version. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said there are several areas that must be better defined such as cost sharing, use fees and tie-in costs for Sound View and Hawks Nest. Asked about designing the public restroom at the same time of pump station. Can it be built at the same time? First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said yes. Would likely save money in the end. Suggested that DEEP clean water funds might help pay for this. DEEP said would be a strong case to get the loan at 2%, which ties in with the term of the lease.

WPCA General Update:

The WPCA is still discussing the complicated nature of how to equitably calculate the Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDUs). Within Sound View’s three streets there are several different zones. R-10, R-10 grandfathered, C-10, SVVD. Various uses currently include commercial, commercial being used as residential, multi-family, multi-use, residential, etc.

Security Camera Update: Frank Pappalardo will ask the Board of Selectmen about this.

Sound View Commission ~2018/2019 budget request                 
FY 2017-18
Administration / Operations             
Office Supplies / Printing ~$515.00
Mailing - postage       $400.00
Community services (events, etc.) $4,500.00
Porta - potties $6,365.00
additional Porta-pottie cleaning        $1,545.00
misc. maintenance-signage - banners/entry $1,050.00
        total   $14,375.00
2018-19 capital                                 
Capital expense gazebo (replacement for the one removed) estimate
        picnic tables ~6 @ 750.00  $4,500.00
        bike rack 2@450.00      $900.00

David Kelsey motioned to approve. Joann Lishing seconded. All in favor.

Frank Lishing asked about trash can painting.
Dave Kelsey will address this with Ed Adanti, and also sample new tops in the beige color for the round ones.

8.45 pm: Adjournment:
Joann Lishing motioned to adjourn. Harry Plaut seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8.29pm.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM