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Sound View Commission Minutes w/attachments 08/28/2017
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
28th August, 2017
7.30 pm
Shoreline Community Center
Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), Joann Reis Lishing, Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), Sandra
Ziemba (alternate), David Kelsey, Jackie Miano (Alternate)
Also Present, Ex-Officio: Selectman Skip Sibley, Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal
Absent: Harry Plaut, Frank Maratta (Alternate)
7.34 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo.
Sandra Ziemba seated for the absent Harry Plaut
Approval of July Minutes: Joann Lishing motioned to approve, seconded by Sandy Ziemba.
All in favor.
7.32 pm: Sound View Improvements
Meeting tomorrow at Town Hall to review punch list
Items currently outstanding as follows:
Turf establishment
Decorative banner & sign posts
Rub curb faces for pour #1 and other locations
Paving (corrections required) — Proposal from B&W paving pending
Line striping (epoxy resin) — after final paving
Replace merestone at #84 Hartford
GPS sign locations
Check bike rack installations and water service at Carousel
No work will be done until after Labor Day, and will be scheduled to accommodate the following
scheduled events.
9/9 (raindate 9/10) Terri Brodeur Cancer Foundation Benefit at Rollin’ Reds.
9/24 Lyme-Old Lyme Education Foundation 5k-10k Road Race
Joann Lishing reminded us that the Heart Safe Community sign still needs to be replaced.
Frank Pappalardo said it will be located and reinstalled.
Michaelle Pearson said the trash cans still need to be painted. Frank Pappalardo said Dave
Kelsey is working with Ed Adanti to paint the cans to match beach sand color.
7.46pm Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Approvals Information:
UMARS, 281 Shore Rd., Public Hearing: September 10th?
A few items: talking gas pumps and ingress/ egress issues. DOT and town engineer Tom
Metcalf have taken care of many of the other issues. Also the Gateway project, sidewalks,
etc. Need to be included in the planning, so their site will be coordinated with further gateway
SVC Chairman Frank Pappalardo attended the ZBA meeting and submitted list of the
SVC’s concerns. The hearing was postponed due to expiration of Umars zoning variances.
Umars has since applied to ZBA for extension of variances. Almost everything in the SVC’s
comments is being resolved. DOT responded to the stormwater and lighting issues. Egress/
ingress issues are still a problem, which several members on Zoning Commission brought
up, especially when the gates are closed on Swan Ave. Zoning commission also expressed
their concern, and Umars' representative offered alternative plans for ingress/ egress. Elevations/
canopy: 14 feet high, shingle facing, no letters on canopy. Talking/ music playing
gas pumps a concern, also hours of operation. Lighting has been looked at…it’s all dark
sky. Need to ensure that when store is closed, lights are off in parking light and sign. Continued
to September. Frank Pappalardo will attend.
This is the only application that has been presented to the Zoning Commission other than
the dentist/ lawyer’s office on Route 156. No other applications have been received this year
for any projects in the Sound View area.
7.50 Beach & Security:
there was an article in The Day regarding Hartford Avenue resident Kathleen Tracy’s
proposed legal challenge to the Miami Beach fence. The SVC Chairman, Frank Pappalardo,
facilitated a meeting with the two groups to discuss their concerns. There was agreement
regarding the inappropriate behavior and lack of civility by visitors to the beach. The
two groups were unable to reach a resolution regarding the fence at this time. Ms. Tracy
and her group have hired an attorney, and plan to take legal action against Miami Beach.
Frank Pappalardo asked if the Commission members had heard any positive or negative
comments regarding the fence? Joann Lishing and Sandra Ziemba each said that they had
heard many positive comments. Michaelle Pearson agreed, stating that many people who
had initially been against the idea of the fence had come to appreciate the positive change it
has made in quality of life at the beach. As long as Sound View property owners’ rights of
free access are respected, the fence seems to be a good thing for residents of both Sound
View and Miami beaches.
Regarding security topics, the First Selectwoman has entered into some preliminary discussions
regarding the idea of forming a regional police department with East Lyme. Concerns
include adequate service and coverage in the summer, especially having police assigned to
the beach at high-traffic areas.
The town has hired temporary State Police to augment the numbers for the last few weekends.
Dan Tricarico: Last Thursday, there was a strong police presence, but on weekends there
are no police. Is there any interest in possibly downsizing the Rangers and using that money
to subsidize more police?
Frank Pappalardo explained that this has been an ongoing issue and finally steps are being
taken in the right direction. Staffing is still an issue. Rangers do not cost a lot and if they
are properly used, they can be effective. Staffing and scheduling is the issue. The Federation
of Old Lyme Beaches (FOLB) has been very helpful in helping to address many of the
issues that are shared among the beaches. FOLB is able to assess the issues collectively and
recommend solutions to the Board of Selectmen.
FOLB hosted two Meet the Candidates nights, one for each party, and have requested position
statements from the candidates which will be sent by FOLB to the 1500 or so constituents
in the beach area.
Kathleen Tracy, Hartford Avenue, asked when the FOLB met.
Scott Boulanger, President of FOLB said there are at least three meetings during the summer.
Frank Pappalardo clarified that the Sound View Beach Association (SVBA) the neighborhood
organization that operates the Community Center, is a member, but the Sound View
Commission (SVC) is NOT a member, because it is a town commission, not a beach association.
The SVC is, however, invited to present comments to the FOLB meeting.
Sound View Village District Subcommittee update:
Frank Pappalardo and David Kelsey Kelsey sent a draft letter to subcommittee members.
David Kelsey said that the Subcommittee met numerous times with Frank Noe and Bill
Randazzo regarding their properties. The Charge of the Subcommittee was to look at existing
Zoning Regulations with an eye toward how they might interact with the new FEMA
requirements, plus existing regulations. Town officials, including the Zoning Enforcement
Officer Keith Rosenfeld, were included to discuss what is allowed and what could possibly
change. These are complicated issues and the Subcommittee’s decision is to come up with a
helpful direction to see how best to move forward.
All in favor. Motion passed. (Full text of letter attached)
8.11pm: Summer Concerts Update:
A great summer of concerts this year. Joann Lishing said that people have been
very complimentary regarding the concert lineup, and have been offering some
promising names for next year’s bookings as well.
The Duke Robillard concert brought fans from all over. Ms. Pearson said it was
great to have people come to Sound View from all over town and beyond for these
positive, family friendly events.
WPCA Update:
The Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) held an informational meeting on August
8th at the Shoreline Community Center at 7.30pm. 7.30pm. It was attended by many people,
but mostly from outside SVB. A proposal was made regarding the implementation of
sewers in which the numbers discussed were at least 26K per EDU, but WPCA hasn’t yet
defined what constitutes an EDU.
Sandra Ziemba said that there were many unanswered questions. A lot of people left with
questions. Nothing was resolved. The most pressing question is will the town help pay for
this? Other towns have bonded their sewer projects and Sound View is a public beach with
public roads. Everyone seems to be talking about that. Its a major issue that needs to be
addressed by the town.
Frank Pappalardo said, How the cost is divided and who pays is a major issue. The beaches
always test clean, but the shoreline has been targeted by the DEEP based on a density formula.
Angelo Faenza asked if there would be liens on people’s houses, and will it require flood
Kathleen Tracy said that in towns where they do have sewers and they are public roads,
the town is generally responsible for the cost of sewers. There should be some financial
support from the town.
Frank Pappalardo said those were excellent questions and urged people to ask them of the
WPCA as soon as possible. Attend the WPCA meetings, write them letters and emails expressing
your concerns. Recommends looking at other towns and seeing what the example
is, then use that information when bringing up the issue with the WPCA. EDUs (Equivalent
Dwelling Units) haven’t even been defined. Sound View contains multiple zones within
the three streets.
Please send your questions to the WPCA…they need to know your concerns.
Angelo Faenza, Portland Avenue, asked if the entire town has to vote on it at referendum,
before it can happen.
Dan Tricarico, Hartford Avenue asked if the referendum would be held during the beach
season so residents could be present.
Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal said the town is very sensitive to that. they want to have it
when a majority of beach residents are here. Town will look into whether it should be a
Frank Pappalardo added that the Sound View Commission feels very strongly that any
vote on sewers should take place during the beach season.
Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal said that if people missed the meeting, they could view the
slide show on the town website.
Blight ordinance currently under review.
Selectwoman Nosal and Selectman Sibley said that the Board of Selectmen has been reviewing
the draft ordinance, then it will go to the town attorney and ultimately to a town
meeting for approval. It was presented and accepted at the last Board of Selectmen meeting.
Being reviewed by the town attorney, then there will be an information session and a
Water Testing: Ledge Light has taken over the town health department and now conducts
the beach water testing. Frank Pappalardo said they do not send him the specific results,
just the “all clear”. He has requested that Ledge Light send the full analysis on a weekly
Doug Whelen, Old Colony Beach, said he receives the reports weekly, and that sampling
should be done at the outfalls.
Doug Whelen, President, Old Colony Beach, said The Rangers are the eyes and ears of
public safety. There’s its a good program and helps kids build character. Don’t fault the
Rangers for lack of supervision and lack of direction by their supervisors. I hope the town
will try to build in better supervison to use the Rangers appropriately.
The Federation of Old Lyme Beaches accounts for 30% of the town’s tax base, but beach
residents are very silent at election time. FOLB is putting out a politically-neutral letter
asking beach residents to register to vote in Old Lyme, and to understand how to submit
absentee ballots. It is frustrating that our voices are heard each year in August, but by the
beginning of next season all the issues are repeated again. The questions asked of the candidates
1) what are the 3 biggest issues that affect the beaches in OL
2) What would you do in the Selectmen’s office to fix those problems
8.42pm: Adjournment:
Joann Lishing motioned to adjourn. Sandy seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8.54pm.

Sound View Commission
52 Lyme Street
Old Lyme, CT 06371
Board of Selectmen August 31, 2017
Town of Old Lyme
52 Lyme St.
Old Lyme, CT 06371
Recommendations to the Board of Selectmen
Re: Potential Hartford Avenue Building Improvements
Dear Selectmen:
The Sound View Commission, Sound View Village District review subcommittee has been
working for the past year with the owners of three parcels located on the east side of Hartford
Avenue between Bocce Lane to the north and Martino Rd. to the south.
The subcommittee submitted their findings to the Sound View Commission at the regularly
scheduled meeting on August 28, 2017. The Sound View Commission voted in favor of
forwarding the recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.
The subcommittee discussions with the owners, Frank Noe and Bill Randazzo, centered on
their preliminary plans and what would need to happen in order for their plans to move
forward. The subcommittee has served as a sounding board and has investigated what Town
boards and commissions would need to be involved to effect changes in existing ordinances
that would accommodate the owners' plans.
We are extremely supportive of working quickly as a town to provide the tools and
cooperation needed to see building improvements as soon as possible on Hartford Avenue.
Any improvements that require variances or revisions to existing zoning regulations will
require active support and guidance at the Board of Selectmen level, given our historical
experience with prior efforts to improve buildings on Hartford Avenue.
This letter outlines the following for consideration by the Board of Selectmen:
1) Review of discussions to date project description;
2) Key issues for plans to proceed in some manner;
3) Conclusion and recommendation for next steps to progress from where we are
Board of Selectman
August 31, 2017
Page Two
Review of Discussions to Date. During the course of the last year, we have met with Mr. Noe
and Mr. Randazzo to understand their goals. The concept for development is the demolition of
existing buildings and the construction of 15 townhome condominiums. Attached from the
owners are preliminary:
1) Site plans;
2) Conceptual front elevation;
3) Conceptual rear rendering.
With new FEMA requirements, the living areas would need to be elevated significantly above
the existing grade. The owners contemplate garages at grade, with two floors of living space
above. Preliminary thoughts are for three buildings on the site, with an equal number of
townhomes in each building.
In addition to meeting with Mr. Noe and Mr. Randazzo, the subcommittee has spoken with the
town zoning enforcement officer, Keith Rosenfield, to discuss issues that would need to be
addressed for a project of this sort. The subcommittee also undertook an informal survey of
existing buildings in the area to provide context for the height of the proposed project. While
the subcommittee is supportive of the proposed concept it should be understood the it has not
determined that the proposed development concept is acceptable in its current form and further
discussion will be needed particularly to density and height issues.
Key Issues for Proposed Plans. Current zoning restrictions prevent the owners from building
their planned improvements either variances or a change in zoning ordinances would be
required. On the other hand, a new project would improve some existing conditions that are in
violation of current zoning ordinances, including conformance with lot setbacks and reduced lot
coverage (reduced from current 63% to proposed 38%). Changes would be needed to:
1) Density requirements;
2) Height restrictions;
3) Floor/area ratios.
In addition, wastewater will need to be addressed. The WPCA work on sewers for Sound
View would need to incorporate provision for a project of this sort.
Conclusion & Recommendation for Next Steps. The Sound View Commission is strongly
supportive of the concept of replacing the existing buildings owned by Mr. Noe and Mr.
Randazzo as well as properly managed area development. The primary issues discussed by the
subcommittee were the question of height and the total number of units. The project will
require changes to existing zoning regulations, which could be accomplished in three ways:
Board of Selectman
August 31, 2017
Page Three
1) Zoning variances;
2) Revision to existing Sound View Village District regulations;
3) Creation of a small sub-district within Sound View District, which would restrict
the area to which any changes to zoning regulation would apply.
With the significant variances required, the route of Zoning Board of Appeals is unlikely to
succeed. Likewise, revising the existing Sound View Village District would mean revisions
that apply to the entire Sound View Village District, which may have unintended building
consequences that may change greatly the nature of Sound View neighborhood. The option
with the potential for most success seems to be the creation of a sub-district that might be
Hartford Avenue bounded by Bocce Lane and Martino Rd. This would require coordination
with both the Zoning Commission, and the Planning Commission, the latter of which would
need to agree that the new district would be in keeping with the town plan of conservation
and development.
For any significant investment to be made with what is a complicated project for Old Lyme,
the owners have understandably wanted to get at least a feel for the level of support and
feasibility for their contemplated project before committing significant time and investment.
With the number of interrelated issues under the responsibilities of the WPCA, the Zoning
Commission and the Planning Commission, we recommend a combined initial meeting of
either the heads of those entities, the board of selectmen, and the Sound View Commission or
if appropriate with all above mentioned members and Mr. Noe and Mr. Randazzo. At the
meeting, the owners would present their plans and solicit informal comments and guidance
from those in attendance.
We believe that improvements to buildings on Hartford Avenue are extremely desirable for
the Town of Old Lyme, and we strongly recommend moving quickly to come together and
make improvements happen. We look forward to your thoughts, active support and
Respectfully submitted,
Frank Pappalardo, Chairman, Sound View Commission

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM