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Sound View Commission Minutes 07/24/2017
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
24th July, 2017
7.30 pm
Shoreline Community Center  

Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), Joann Reis Lishing, Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), David Kelsey, Jackie Miano (Alternate), Sandra Ziemba (alternate), Frank Maratta (Alternate)
Also Present, Ex-Officio: First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, Selectman Skip Sibley, Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal
Absent: Harry Plaut

7.34 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo.

Sandra Ziemba seated for the absent Harry Plaut

Approval of June Minutes: Sandra Ziemba motioned to approve, seconded Joann Lishing.
Correction: David Kelsey was absent last meeting, had been listed as both present and absent.
All in favor.

7.32 pm: Sound View Improvements

Meeting 7/11/17 : Semi-final inspection with:
Bonnie Reemsnyder  Town of Old Lyme
Mary Jo Nosal  Town of Old Lyme
Frank Pappalardo  Town of Old Lyme
Ken Golden, Jr.   B&W Paving
Edward Steward  WMC
Jeff Exley  DOT
Jim Paul  DOT
Chris Faulkner  VHB
Kurt Prochorena  BSC Group
Stuart Greacen  WMC

Items currently outstanding as follows:
  • Turf establishment
  • Decorative banner & sign posts
  • Rub curb faces for pour #1 and other locations
  • Paving (corrections required) — Proposal from B&W paving pending
  • Line striping (epoxy resin) — after final paving
  • Replace merestone at #84
  • GPS sign locations
  • Check bike rack installations and water service at Carousel

No work will be done until after Labor Day, and will be scheduled to accommodate the following scheduled events.

9/10 Terri Brodeur Cancer Foundation benefit
9/24 Lyme-Old Lyme Education Foundation 5k-10k Road Race

Joann Lishing reminded us that the Heart Safe Community sign needs to be replaced. Frank Pappalardo said he it will be located and reinstalled.

Michaelle Pearson said the trash cans still need to be painted. Frank Pappalardo said Dave Kelsey is working with Ed Adanti to paint the cans to match beach sand color.

7.46pm Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Approvals Information:

UMARS, 281 Shore Rd., Public Hearing: July 10, 2017

Frank Pappalardo attended zoning meeting and submitted list of concerns. Hearing postponed due to expiration of Umars zoning variances. They have since gone to ZBA for extension of variances. Almost everything in the SVC’s comments is being resolved. DOT responded to stormwater and light pole issues. Egress/ ingress issues are still a problem, which several members on Zoning Commission brought up, especially when gates are closed on Swan Ave. Zoning commission also concerned, and Umars representative offered alternative plans for ingress/ egress. Elevations/ canopy: 14 feet high, shingle facing, no letters on canopy. Talking gas pumps a concern. Lighting has been looked at…it’s all dark sky. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder and  Frank P appalardo also spoke about the Gateway project, sidewalks, etc. Need to be included in the planning, so their site will be coordinated with further gateway plan. Continued to September. Frank Pappalardo will attend.  

7.50 Beach & Security:

Frank Pappalardo said the Commission hasn’t  received any comments regarding the fence, and pedestrian traffic. Joann Lishing said she’d heard that some people who had been against the fence in principle have been happy with it in practice. The Kathleen Tracy group met with Miami Beach Association on 7/7, Brought both sides together, everyone was concerned with the crowds and lack of civility. When it was over, there was no consensus, but agreed to work together to control crowds and other issues.
One of the businesses suggested putting a fence at Hartford Avenue and using parking revenue for security, or charging, so the beach can be shut down when it’s too crowded. Would not have another meeting unless one or the other group had something to discuss. The attorneys for the two groups have agreed to talk.

Squatter/ Vagrant at dance hall/ El Morocco. Was reported, and building was secured by Bill Randazzo. Garage door in front of dance hall was open about 4 ft. On Sat, got call from Dennis Melluzzo around 9.30 pm. Reported to police, and contacted Frank Noe. He secured the building. Concerning: That door was open all Saturday and no one reported it. Sandra Ziemba said she did report it to Officer Sal Milardo on Saturday morning. He said he would check to see if there was anyone inside.

Frank Maratta: That could all be changed if that building was torn down. There’s lead paint all over that building. Something should be done now.

FOB sent letter to selectmen re beach security issues, the police boat not being used, etc.

Frank P: Tax bill used to fraudulently obtain beach pass. It was reported that a resident tax bill was used to obtain “clean beach passes” for non-residents. Miami Beach Association is investigating.

Sound View Village District Subcommittee update: David Kelsey:

Met with Keith Rosenfeld to discuss options: variance, establish subdistrict or revision of zoning ordinances. Asked what would be the potential path of least resistance. Keith Rosenfeld said variance path very unlikely. Revising  SVVD existing regulations must apply to the entire SVVD. A subdistrict would be the best alternative to restrict changes to a small area, but it’s a long process. Changes to the subdistrict would have to be part of the town planning commission’s vision for the town. Also presentation at board of finance. Another obstacle: if you increase density, there may need to be a revision to the WPCA plan with the State. Assumptions with the State with EDUs and dwelling units. Next meeting 7/31. 6.30pm

Frank Pappalardo asked, Going forward with what Frank Maratta mentioned, do you think there are any way we could encourage Frank Noe to take down the building? Dave Kelsey responded that Mr. Noe’s position is unchanged.

Frank Maratta asked why the Commission/ Subcommittee should work for Frank Noe when he doesn’t want to work with us? He’s saying he’s not going to take it down no matter what, because he thinks it gives him leverage with the town.

Dave Kelsey said we have explored the options in good faith, and it looks like a 3 year minimum before he can move forward. But there are things right now that we can do to force his hand. Ledge Light might be called in, and the town is working toward a new blight ordinance. The SVC has been collaborative, but he needs to understand that there is no quick solution. We’ve been trying to help him for 20 months now. It took him 10 months to get us the most basic information we needed. He can build 2 units on a 10K sq ft lot.

Sandra Ziemba said she thought he was waiting for sewers.
Dave Kelsey said, Noe’s ostensible reason for keeping the building up, is leverage, but that’s not really effective. If we reach the end of this road, and they remain unreasonable, then it will be time to bring enforcement to bear.

Frank Pappalardo stated that the WPCA still hasn't defined what an EDU is. On 3 streets we have  multiple zoning districts: R-10, R-10 grandfathered, C-10, and SVVD. Not easy to establish what an EDU is.

8.11pm: Summer Concerts Upcoming Schedule:
Concerts have been going well. Mark Nomad Band was wonderful, and we’ve invited them for next year. FM offered the Pavilion as an alternative rain date space for next year.

102nd Army Band Rock Ensemble - July 27**
The soldier/musicians of the 102nd Army Band, Connecticut National Guard, are both trained~~~~~~ soldiers and versatile professional musicians.~ A great night of Rock & Roll!
Red Satin Band - August 10**
Swing, Jazz, Big Band, and More. The best of 7 decades of great music!
The unique blend of personality and great music is delight for audiences of all ages, the 12 piece Red Satin Band will get you dancing or just sit back and enjoy.
Duke Robillard and his All Star band- August 24**
International recording artist and Grammy nominee, Duke is recipient of many awards including: The Blues Music Awards "Best Blues Guitarist", Canadian Maple Blues Awards "Best International Blues Artist," The French Blues Association "Album of the Year" and "Guitarist of the Year".
BB King himself has called Duke "One of the great players"
Free outdoor concerts will be held on Hartford Avenue at the Flagpole 7:00-8:30 pm
Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a great family evening of music.
** = Rain location: Shoreline Community Center, 39 Hartford Ave.

Other Business

WPCA: Info mtg 8/8 at SV Community Center. 7.30pm
Sandra Ziemba asked what the timeframe was. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said it’s still being determined. If we were to go to referendum by Fall, could be looking at construction by 2018, but more likely Spring referendum, construction in 2019.
Dave Kelsey added that there’s also been a delay from the State. The report was sent in December, and the State needs to approve and publish. Can’t move forward without State approval.

Congratulations to town of Old Lyme, the Board of Selectmen, and our Representatives on the Railroad issue.

Frank Pappalardo said he’d contacted Ruth Roach re meeting schedule. Also minutes haven’t been posted since last March. Michaelle Pearson said she would resend the minutes for posting.

Blight ordinance currently under review.
First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said that the Board of Selectmen has been reviewing the draft ordinance, then it will go to the town attorney and ultimately to a town mtg for approval.

Federation of Old Lyme Beaches: Very interested in working with SVC to have a coordinated effort to express resident concerns. Would like to have a Meet the Candidates Night. Asked to use the Community Center. One night each for Republicans 8/18 and Democrats 8/25.The Federation will send out a mailer informing residents about these events.

Sandra Ziemba commented that last Saturday she noticed that there was a police officer who drove by six or seven times in the course of 4-5 hours. This was good to see, and it was the first time she’s seen this since last summer. It was a relief to see active patrolling, and we need more of this.

8.31 Public comment:

Regarding sewers, Selectman Sibley stated that it was his understanding that the clean water funding is earmarked for fixing and cleaning up fresh water and eliminating pollution. It is very strict about density rules, so owners can’t leverage the sewers to build new condos or high-rises. It’s supposed to fix what’s already there. Initial rules are very clear.
Regarding blight, there must be several meetings to explain the process before it can go to a vote. there will be ample opportunity for public comment.

8.36 First Selectwoman Reemsnyder spoke about the Connectivity grant. There are two projects in town for improving Halls Road and Sound View Beach connectivity. Halls Road has landed one. AT the same time there is opportunity for Connectivity grant. There can only be one applicant. The Board of Selectmen will apply for the Sound View Gateway plan. Kurt Prochorena (BSC Group) will prepare and submit the application for the town. Construction only. Plan & design not included. The Connectivity grant application would be for a portion of the “Gateway” concept plan, including a sidewalk from Shore Road to connect with the new sidewalk at Bocce and some new signage at Shore Road.

Selectwoman Nosal thanked Sandy Ziemba for her comments regarding policing, and agreed that this weekend there was a very solid police presence. 2 lieutenants and one other trooper, plus rangers. Looking at traffic and jet skis, giving tickets.

Frank Maratta stated that he has hired an officer for extra security on crowded days. Frank Pappalardo said he had received a comment that one of the Pavilion’s bands urged the crowd to respect the community.

Donna Peters, Center Beach Ave. asked about the blight, saying why can’t the town
just bulldoze the blighted buildings? Waterford took down a building and put it on the tax records.

Frank Pappalardo said that in order for the town to do that, there has to be a reason. Buildings or Fire Marshal. So far neither have made that determination.

Frank Maratta asked about laws for lead paint remediation.
Can we get the health department involved?

Tani Faenza, Portland Ave., asked why there are sawhorses and cones at parking lot? Detracts from the beauty of the streetscape. Frank Pappalardo said its for directing traffic on weekends. Should be stored in the lot or by the flagpole. Cones delineate business parking spots. Will disappear once permanent line painting is done.

FP: Flower planter on corner of martino and Hartford keeps getting moved behind the trash can.

BR: Regarding the placement of security cameras, there’s been a problem as to where to locate them. Officers at Old Colony Beach worked with Eversource (they were told they couldn’t put them on light poles, but went to court, and got permission). Town will follow suit.

8.46pm: Adjournment:
Joann Lishing motioned to adjourn. Sandy seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8.54pm.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM