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Sound View Commission Minutes 06/26/2017
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
26th June, 2017
7.30 pm
Shoreline Community Center  

Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), Joann Reis Lishing, Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), David Kelsey, Jackie Miano (Alternate), Harry Plaut, Sandra Ziemba (alternate), Frank Maratta (Alternate)
Also Present, Ex-Officio: First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, Selectman Skip Sibley

Absent: David Kelsey

7.30 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo.

Jackie Miano seated for the absent David Kelsey

Approval of May Minutes: Joann Lishing motioned to approve, Jackie Miano seconded.
All in favor. Minutes approved.

7.32 pm: Sound View Improvements

Project is nearly complete. A few items still on the punchlist. Signposts and banner poles. Loose bike rack will be reset. Road milled and paved, but Ed Adanti did not feel the paving was up to par, and there was some drainage that needs to be reworked. Contacted DOT for pavement assessment. DOT agreed the paving needed to be redone. Contractor preparing a remediation plan. Any rework/ remediation must be approved by State DOT and agreed on by the Town. No work will be done until after Labor Day.

Harry Plaut asked if there had been inspectors on the project?
Frank Pappalardo said there were, but there were several issues beyond their control, such as paving aggregate size. Everything was done appropriately with core samples, etc., but there is concern that the larger aggregate size will result in buckling after a frost cycle. The compaction ratio also differed due to organic matter under the street. B&W was the contractor for the entire package. They have accepted that the paving needs to be fixed and are presenting a remediation plan.
Skip Sibley added that the State is very much involved, not just the town. He is confident that matters will be resolved to our satisfaction. There will be a meeting for substantial completion to go through the punch list and contract to ensure that all items are completed before final payment is made.

Joann Lishing said the Heart Safe Community sign needs to be replaced. Frank Pappalardo agreed. It will be located and reinstalled.

Michaelle Pearson said the trash cans still need to be painted. Frank Pappalardo said Dave Kelsey is working with Ed Adanti to paint the cans to match beach sand color.

Planters at corners of Bocce and Martino have been done by Sandra Ziemba. Volunters are needed to keep the flowers watered. SVBA President Gail Fuller has said she will monitor them on donut weekends. The flag was donated by Harry Plaut. Paul Orzel donated the the POW flag & LED lights. Frank Lishing installed them.

7.46pm Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Approvals Information:

UMARS, 281 Shore Rd., Public Hearing: June 12, 2017

Hearing postponed until due to expiration of Umars zoning variances. They have since gone to ZBA for extension of variances. New hearing is July 10th.
Frank Pappalardo will submit to Zoning Board a detailed list of the SVC’s concerns regarding this project.

7.50 Beach & Security:
MBA Clean beach pass:
There has been some misunderstanding regarding Sound View Residents and how they can access the beach. Originally we understood that Sound View residents could either purchase passes or use their ID to access Miami Beach. A few weeks in, that changed. Sound View residents must have a Clean Beach Pass, from MBA, obtainable from SVBA.
Mike Girard, spoke to Mark. Miami Beach Association made it clear that the same set of rules that applies to Miami residents, also applies to Sound View residents. There is no differentiation. Both Miami and Sound View residents must have a pass to access the beach. Passes are $5 each, and are good for 5 years.

There have been some complaints from a few residents who for various reasons have issues with the Miami fence/ beach access. The Commission is interested in facilitating a solution for everyone. Frank Pappalardo agreed to contact Mike Girard of Miami Beach and get him together with Kathleen Tracy & her group to hopefully reach an amicable solution for all.

Incident Last Sunday, etc.: Concerning two individuals on Hartford Avenue. Had neon bracelets on their wrists, they were 18 and 19, and allegedly visibly intoxicated. They urinated on someone’s house, and when the homeowner confronted them, they assaulted him. Both of the individuals in question were underage, and both were arrested. It was Sunday afternoon, and there were lots of children on the street at the time.

First Selectwoman Reemsnyder said that one Old Lyme Police Officer and two State troopers responded very quickly to the situation.

Frank Pappalardo said that he also was made aware of a vagrant person observed a number of mornings squatting in the El Morocco and Dance Hall/ Kiddieland buildings. Residents alerted the commission and also the owners. Bill Randazzo responded that he corrected the opening.
Frank Pappalardo said he has sent the info to the Fire Marshal, Board of Selectmen, and Resident Trooper. First Selectwoman Reemsnyder responded immediately. She will be speaking with the fire marshal to address this.

Resident observation is always important, but it is not a substitute for policing.

Bob Carlson, Swan Ave.,  said there was only one officer on duty yesterday, on overtime, on dayshift; backup was one State Trooper who was also responsible for coverage up to Route 9.

Angelo Faenza, Portland Ave., reported that a week ago Sunday, he had called regarding behavior issues in the parking lot and was informed that police they didn’t have anyone available.

Frank Maratta said he had noticed that on rainy days or cloudy days, all the Rangers are there (at the flagpole) grouped together. Who controls that? Frank Pappalardo reported that staffing and scheduling are the responsibility of the Resident Trooper.

Sound View Village District Subcommittee update: Met with owners of El Morocco and Dance Hall dilapidated properties to .discussed the longstanding concerns of residents: safety,  fire hazard, attractive nuisance, etc.  Bill Randazzo said he understood the issues and wants to try to turn the El Morocco into a weekend antiques market.

Frank Noe presented a large drawing which was a wish list of what he would like: 15 townhouses, with a height variance of 35 feet, etc. SVVD subcommittee had understood that the issue had been that if the Town would approve a variance for Noe to knock down the Dance Hall building now and not start the construction clock ticking until sewers come in, that the building would be torn down. Mr Noe replied that he was more interested in keeping the building as is, because it provided him with leverage to use with the town. David Kelsey has been working to address some of the FEMA related issues and looking into possibly establishing a subzone vs. Mr. Noe applying for variances on his own. Michaelle Pearson said she was very disappointed with this meeting. The goalposts keep moving, and the asks just keep getting larger. It’s impossible to meet someone halfway when they are insisting on an all or nothing situation. Frank Pappalardo said that the town blight ordinance is finally moving forward, so hopefully that will provide some relief.

Frank Maratta asked about the green house (the old Post Office), which is also dilapidated. Frank Pappalardo said that the owners would like to fix it up, but they can’t really do much as the house is still in probate.

8.11pm: Summer Concert Schedule:
Old Lyme Town Concert Band - June 29
Playing a little bit of everything from marches, movie-themed medleys, jazz, big band, pop, and classical.
Mark Nomad Band - July 13**
Your favorite songs from the 50s, 60s & more. MARK NOMAD’S music has been heard on radio stations all over the world and has been used in commercials and in film. Sharing the stage with many of the biggest names in show business he was co- founder of the original Little Village. Their debut album is considered a collector’s item and the band is legendary in the Northeast.~
102nd Army Band Rock Ensemble - July 27**
The soldier/musicians of the 102nd Army Band, Connecticut National Guard, are both trained~~~~~~ soldiers and versatile professional musicians.~ A great night of Rock & Roll!
Red Satin Band - August 10**
Swing, Jazz, Big Band, and More. The best of 7 decades of great music!
The unique blend of personality and great music is delight for audiences of all ages, the 12 piece Red Satin Band will get you dancing or just sit back and enjoy.
Duke Robillard and his All Star band- August 24**
International recording artist and Grammy nominee, Duke is recipient of many awards including: The Blues Music Awards "Best Blues Guitarist", Canadian Maple Blues Awards "Best International Blues Artist," The French Blues Association "Album of the Year" and "Guitarist of the Year".
BB King himself has called Duke "One of the great players"
Free outdoor concerts will be held on Hartford Avenue at the Flagpole 7:00-8:30 pm
Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a great family evening of music.
** = Rain location: Shoreline Community Center, 39 Hartford Ave.

23rd Annual Independence Day Parade: Saturday 7/1
All are welcome! 9.45 gathering, 10am step off.

Lenny’s on the Beach liquor permit:
Lenny’s has applied for a revised liquor permit to include “duo acoustic performers amplified through a restricted PA system. Lenny Corto, Jr. stated that the performances will be outdoors, and would not confirm the hours. Frank Pappalardo said he’s contact the ZEO Keith Rosenfeld to get ZEO letter defining hours of music.
FP will contact ZEO to get the info.
Any Objections must be received by 4-08-2018
DCP Liquor control division by
450 columbus blvd, suite 901
hartford ct 06103

Other Business

Frank Pappalardo met with the Federation of Old Lyme Beaches (FOLB). The SVC is not a member. The Federation is disturbed by the police/ public safety issues. They spent a lot of time and effort supporting the Police boat and have yet to see it in the water. Concerned with traffic, illegal parking, Rangers not authorized to perform their duties, etc. They requested a meeting with this Commission to develop a FOLB statement to give to the Police Department. The FOLB committee includes Fred Callahan and Doug Whelan. Both have considerable public safety experience.

Angelo Faenza asked if the resident trooper had been to any meetings? Frank Pappalardo said No. But she has been invited and he had prepared a handbook for her regarding events and the recurring issues at Sound View.

Sandra Ziemba asked if there were plans to hire any new police officers soon.

Selectman Sibley said an offer has been accepted. Waiting for the physical. That officer was supposed to start today. There’s a second offer out as well.

Sandra Ziemba asked if any police will be at the beach on weekends, saying that residents’ pleas and concerns are falling on deaf ears, There will be a serious incident, then who will be accountable. We send letters and photos and report incidents and are constantly told there is no problem. It takes more than a drive through. Frank Pappalardo agreed, saying that Monday- Friday is generally fine. We need the police on the weekend, when there’s an influx of people.Everything we’re saying this evening I heard from the Federation of Old Lyme Beaches. Together we represent about 1800 residents…that’s nearly a third of the town.

Welcome to a new business: Frank Pappalardo welcomed a new business to the community: RollinReds will be operating out of the former Sugar Shack. The owners are both retired firefighters, and started with a food truck. They seem very community-minded, and have already joined the Sound View Beach Association. They are also sponsoring the Terry Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation’s Backyard Olympics on September 10th. For more info, see

Swim Lines: Harry Plaut said the swim lines will be installed this week, as soon as weather permits.

New business: Sandy Ziemba reminded everyone that twice weekly trash pickup has begun, with collections on Garbage Monday and Thursday.

8.29 Public comment:
Frank Lishing, Swan Ave., asked that it be made known that the town offers free parking for concerts and that the lot needs to stay open on those nights until the concert has ended.
The meters are off at 7pm. Frank Pappalado said there will be signs letting people know thatparking is free after 7. The Police will be told not to lock the gate until after concert is over.

Angelo Faenza asked if anyone was putting up yellow No Parking tape on 156, as had been done in previous years. Frank Pappalardo said that Bonnie did speak to South Shore Landing owner and has also spoken to state DOT re picnic area. The State will not close it, or make it 2 hour parking, no unattended vehicles, etc.

Lenny Corto, Jr. of Lenny’s on the Beach accused the Commission of not taking the issues seriously, stating that these are serious problems. We have no police. All these Rangers, and no cops.
Frank Pappalardo said that the Commission is extremely concerned with these issues. That’s why we’re here every month trying to make things better instead of just complaining and tearing things down. But the Commission cannot make laws, or enforce them. The function of this Commission is to identify areas of concern and to elevate the concerns to the Selectmen.

Bob Carlson said that alcohol is the big issue. If it’s shown that the trouble is coming from certain establishments, liquor control will be involved and those establishments will be held liable.
Frank Maratta said that there are plenty of people bringing liquor in illegally as well.

Frank Pappalardo reiterated that the Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. All the SV Commission can do is recommend. Can’t hire or schedule Police or Rangers. We can only let the Selectmen know that we have a policing problem, that there is inadequate staffing on weekends which needs to be addressed. It is the Board of Selectmen’s responsibility to take the necessary action.

Michaelle Pearson announced that she and Jim Lampos would be speaking about their new local history book,  Revolution in the Lymes on Tuesday evening at the Old Lyme-Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library. All are welcome to attend.

8.46pm: Adjournment:
Joann Lishing motioned to adjourn. Michaelle Pearson seconded. All in favor. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8.46 pm.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM