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Sound View Commission Minutes 02/28/2017
Sound View Commission
Meeting Minutes — Unapproved
28th February, 2017
7.30 pm 
Town Hall Meeting Room 

Present: Frank Pappalardo (Chair), David Kelsey, Joann Reis Lishing, Michaelle Pearson (Secretary), Jackie Miano (Alternate), Sandra Ziemba (alternate)

Also Present: First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder, Selectwoman Mary Jo Nosal, 

Absent: Harry Plaut, Frank Maratta (Alternate),

7.32 pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Frank Pappalardo. 

Alternate Sandra Ziemba seated for the absent Harry Plaut

Approval of January Minutes: Joann Lishing motioned to approve, David Kelsey seconded. All in favor.  Minutes approved.


7.34pm: Miami Beach Fence Update (First Selectwoman Reemsnyder)

First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder said that the Board of Selectmen had received a lot of comments regarding the fence. She spoke with the town attorney to determine if the town has jurisdiction. She also reached out to DEEP, as the fence appears to reach past the Coastal Jurisdiction Line and past the High Water Line; and the Office of Long Island Sound Programs (OLISP), because the fence will limit access. Waiting for final determination. The First Selectwoman also contacted the Connecticut Attorney General’s office. They said the case from the 1950s was brought by “The People” not by the town. Hence, the town attorney did not feel that the town had jurisdiction. The “people” do. Anyone who feels their rights are abridged has a right to bring a lawsuit. Best standing for a case would be brought by descendants of the original people who filed the case, or successors to their property. 

Mrs. Reemsnyder explained that the town gives stipends to private beach associations to support their effort on security. White Sands (a town beach in a private  association) and Miami Beach (public access from Sound View) receive approximately an extra 10K per year (over what other beaches receive) according to formula. If MBA is collecting money and controlling access, is the impact the same? She said the BOS had an extensive conversation with Miami Beach. This is a pilot program. MBA may not make enough money to cover their security. They are receiving public funds, as are all the other beaches. The BOS will need to look at this carefully. We could look at it and see what happens this summer. 

Jackie Miano said that she thought it best to let it happen for a year and evaluate the results. 

Frank Pappalardo expressed concern that this may place stress on town resources. The Rangers will be checking coolers, but some of those people will go to Miami. That burden may need to shift.

Mrs. Reemsnyder said that Miami Beach Association promised to get back to the Board of Selectmen by mid-March regarding any detailed plans. This may be an ongoing conversation for the coming year. 

Frank Pappalardo said that Miami was very clear about allowing access to Sound View residents and Old Lyme residents.

Jason Matarazzo, Portland Ave., asked if MBA receives an extra 10K over other beaches, why doesn’t the town suggest they use that to fund security guards? Mrs. Reemsnyder explained that the money is funded based on what the beaches spend each year on security. Only up to 50% of the cost. No beach is reimbursed more than 50% of their expense for security. 

Frank Pappalardo said that this year Miami is looking at a higher-caliber security firm. Better level of protection, including night security. Beach stipend committee has the formula on town website. 

Stephanie Livesey, Swan Ave., asked if this means the town could be paying more for MBA security in the future? 

Mrs. Reemsnyder reiterated that there is a limit. Because MBA has been open to the unorganized general public, the town has acknowledged that beach is disproportionately affected by Sound View parking spaces.
Angelo Faenza, Portland Ave., said he hopes they would come to some conclusion as far as residents are concerned. Might want to take a look at that court case. 

Lenny Corto, Jr., of Lenny’s on the Beach, Hartford, Ave., asked if because Miami is charging money, isn't that a change of use to revenue/ commercial? Doesn’t that change their zoning status? Mrs. Reemsnyder said there may be tax implications there. They may have to charge tax. 

Jason Materazzo asked about passes for renters, or extended family groups, kids/ grandkids? Frank Pappalardo agreed that was a good question. Miami Beach will have to make some accommodation or there will be a lot of upset people. Not sure how they will handle that. 

7.59 SVIC Update. Met last week re: Hartford Avenue drainage. Pipe that no one knew existed down Martino between Hartford and Portland. Meeting held on site and WMC & BSC are looking at it to ensure that it won’t adversely be affected. 

Sandra Ziemba asked if this would affect the timeline. Frank Pappalardo said it shouldn’t, as this doesn't appear to be a major construction issue. Time and money have been figured into the initial cost. Work is on hold for the winter. Target for completion is still early May. Expansion joints are also under review by Ed Adanti and BSC. 

Selectwoman Nosal added that the engineers met on Friday, and will have another meeting to get revised cost estimate for the drainage going forward. 

2016 Summer Evaluation Update: Received some statistics. Attached. Still would like to see further info that should be readily available from kiosk data to clarify the picture, such as parking stats, etc. 

Mr. Pappalardo has some questions from residents to present to new state trooper, re: Community policing, etc. 

David Kelsey suggested a survey for residents re their experience each summer. Very simple, and restricting it to the primary issues.

Jason Materazzo asked how much money do Rangers cost vs. troopers, and what are Rangers’ responsibilities.
Frank Pappalardo said the Rangers perform cooler checks and write parking tickets.

Resident Trooper Status: Target date is 4/1/17. There are also vacancies for 2 Old Lyme Police Officers.

Angelo Faenza expressed concern as to how the new bill before the State legislature might affect us…100% plus 750 per officer.

Mrs. Reemsnyder said it’s concerning, but not as much as the teacher retirements. The Selectmen are currently considering 2 troopers, 4 cops; or 1 trooper, 6 cops. Board of Selectmen working on calculation. Frank Pappalardo said the goal is to increase staffing levels so we have adequate coverage on weekends. We did not have adequate coverage last year. 

Zoning Board of Appeals Variance Approvals Information: Some questions raised at last meeting regarding Cool Moose variances granted. Case: 16-06, March 2016. Variances granted for moving package store to another location and change of use from commercial to residential. Building and zoning permits needed, but none filed for 61 Hartford Ave. 
The Permit is solely for replacement of roof and siding not for changing configuration of building. No Zoning Commission approval. The DiNinos received a letter stating they must apply for the proper zoning and building permits. They also changed the roofline which increased the footprint. According to Zoning Enforcement Officer Keith Rosenfeld they have not received a building permit or zoning approval. 

Sons of Italy Hall/ 280 Shore Rd.: New owners have zoning variances for parking buffers. Proposed professional office, gambrel style, same footprint. Owner occupied. Dentist office, Lawyer office. Frank Pappalardo looked at the plans and thought the variances made sense. Main entrance on Rte. 156. Side entrance for employee-only parking on side of Portland Avenue. Owners will put up a gate /chain to prevent beach parking. Next month they will go to zoning with their site plan, mechanicals and safety plan. 

Osprey Festival: Very successful last year. People wanted festival to be closer to the water. Mark Griswold (Chairman Chamber of Commerce) asked if it could be in the town lot. A draft plan was developed by Frank Pappalardo as requested by Mr. Griswold. Date of the festival is June 17th. Lot will be closed for the day. Hours reduced: 10am-6pm. 

Michaelle Pearson asked where festival-goers will park. Frank Pappalardo said there will be temporary, one-day only permits issued to Gail’s green, church and maybe one other. Parking across from PD. 
Shuttle bus parking lot? Designated drop off for bus. Possible golf cart to shuttle vendors and entertainers. 

At the March 6th Selectmen’s meeting, the Board of Selectmen will be reviewing all the Osprey festival plans. 
SVBA pancake breakfast same day. Also coffee and pastries in afternoon. 

8.48pm: Parking Lot Sub-Committee Update (Sandy Ziemba): 
Jen Lathrop, Sandy Ziemba, Harry Plaut, Bob Tonon. Have reached out to Miami Beach as well. Would like a Miami beach resident to be on this committee. 

Met 1/31. FP, Jen Vowles, Bob Tonon, Sandy. Discussion and recommendations of subcommittee:

Concerns with lack of enforcement. Printed out a questionnaire so committee can make recommendations to SVC. Discussion of ordinance 161-2. 

Parking in unpermitted lots is an ongoing problem. How will the MBA fence impact the parking situation? Will towing be reinstated?

What about issues after-hours? The lot permits are from 9am-6pm, but there’s nothing in the regulations to ask people to close. 

$100 for each violation for cars above permit. $100 day for subsequent violations. Unpermitted lots $500, plus $1000K 

Should private parking lots be required to have insurance? For how much? 

Brief discussion as to how owners can handle unruly individuals. Lot owners feel that they should have backup and be able to call police for help in these situations. 

Public/ unattended lots, activities on town beach. Need more enforcement. 

Would like town to subcontract a tow truck to handle some of these illegal parking issues. From 2012-14 there was significant towing of illegally parked cars. Might look at re-establishing this. Sub-committee will meet again soon. 

Angelo Faenza stated that most of these are zoning issues. That’s been a problem for years. Zoning doesn’t work on Sunday. Need someone to be responsible for this. Who monitors the lots? Rangers? 

Events Sub-Committee: 
Will meet soon to plan summer activities. 

SVVD Sub-Committee: David Kelsey said last developments were in September. Frank & Dave Noe were going to provide renderings and their site plan. Haven’t heard from them since then. Dave will contact them re any further developments.

Other Business: Board of Selectmen is looking into obtaining video cameras for the town lot and Hartford Avenue. 

Public Comment: 
Joe Tulisano, Hartford Avenue, asked what happened with the Historical District designation? 
Frank Pappalardo reported that Sound View has been recognized as a State Historic District, and is on the Connecticut State Register of Historic Districts. There has not yet been a determination regarding the National Historic designation, as that comes from National Parks. The application is pending, though it might be a long wait, due to funding cuts.

Mr. Tulisano also asked if the new Hartford Avenue sidewalk was indeed 6 feet wide, because it looked smaller? Frank Pappalardo and the Selectwomen said that it had been measured and was in fact 6 feet. 

Lenny Corto, Jr asked if the plan was on time to be completed before Memorial Day, and also if the lot will be reconfigured. Frank Pappalardo said the town lot will have a single entrance/exit.  Will be reconfigured in time for the season. There will be designated parking for town residents in the lot, as there always has been.

9.22pm: Adjournment: 
Joann Lishing motioned to adjourn. Sandy seconded. All in favor. Motion carried. 
Meeting adjourned at 9.22 pm. 

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