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BOS Minutes 10/20/03
Old Lyme Board of Selectmen
Regular Meeting October 20, 2003

The Board of Selectmen held a regular meeting at 7:30 P.M. on Monday, October 20, 2003 at Memorial Town Hall Auditorium.  First Selectman Timothy Griswold, Selectman Skip Sibley and Selectman Robert Sevieri were present.

Approval of Minutes:  October 6, 2003
Selectman Sibley made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Selectman Sevieri  seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

LOLHS Students’ – Thank You for CCM Convention
First Selectman Griswold noted the four Old Lyme High School students he took to the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Convention in Cromwell sent a thank you letter.  They learned a lot from the program and had an enjoyable time.

David Roberge – Emergency Management Director – 2-Yr term to Jan 2005
David Roberge has been recommended to serve as the Emergency Management Director.  He has experience in the Emergency Management field and is involved with the Lyme Fire Department.  Selectman Sevieri made a motion to recommend David Roberge to serve as Emergency Management Director.  The motion was seconded by Selectman Sibley for discussion.  Selectman Sibley asked if it would be appropriate to have an assistant director in case Mr. Roberge was absent from town for vacations, etc. First Selectman Griswold responded that David Roberge has someone in mind who would be available as an unpaid assistant.  Also, the fire dept, the police, and the First Selectman could respond if necessary in an emergency.  Selectman Sibley feels there should be an understanding of the expectations of the position. All in favor.  SO VOTED.

Old Business:
a.  Emergency Services Financial Incentive Plan - Status
The Town of Old Lyme has a Tax Abatement Plan for ambulance volunteers and fire fighters.  They may receive up to $1,000 tax abatement credit on their town taxes if they meet the necessary requirements and time frames.  The town is also interested in having a Financial Incentive Plan that would be an additional reason for citizens to have an interest in volunteering in the ambulance and/or fire departments.  The Board of Finance allocated $35,000 in this year’s budget that would be allocated to the emergency service volunteers based on an agreed upon arrangement.  There will be a 50 % after a minimum five-year requirement and vesting would be 100 percent after ten years of eligible service.   The member would be entitled to money that would be provided by the town each year to his/her account.  A plan will be drafted and circulated to the Selectmen, the Old Lyme Ambulance and the Fire Department.

Town Woods Park – Building Location
The original proposed site for the building proved to be unacceptable because the soil was not suitable for the foundation and the septic field.  Another site is being reviewed, and it is hoped the fill requirement cost will not exceed $3,000 to $4,000.  The intention now is to complete the fields and then itemize the costs of a 2,000 sq. ft. building.  If acceptable, the proposal will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting. The plan will have to be approved by the voters in both Lyme and Old Lyme.

c.  Landfill Closure – Introduction to Zoning Commission
The Zoning Commission heard a representative from the engineering company who outlined a proposed plan for the landfill closure.  The plan would involve an access road, a scale, new compactor/dumpsters for the bulky waste, three-phase electric, etc.  A formal application will be made in December, 2003.  The landfill has a useful life until 2006 and it is intended the new system will be in place before that time.  The recycling area will continue.

d.  Center School Drive - Update
The school must go to the Zoning Board of Appeals because of the easement on the Grange property.  The Historic Commission and ZBA will look at a survey of the property line and a better description of the actual encroachment for their approvals.

e.  Household Hazardous Waste Facility – Unsuitable Materials
An article published in the paper regarding CRERPA’s comments on the Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Essex concerned the excavation of material due to a suspected fire.  Once the material was dug up, it could not be put back in the ground. The extra material had to be disposed of by dividing it among several surrounding towns including Old Lyme.  It is hoped the facility will be operating in the spring of 2004. More information will follow.

New Business:
Receipt of State Grant for Police Vehicle
Old Lyme received a check from the State of Connecticut in the amount of $26,000 which is a 75 percent reimbursement for a  D.U.I. four-wheel drive enforcement vehicle.  It will be able to respond to emergencies in parts of town that would be inaccessible to police cars. There is also a grant approved for another police car.  Officer David Todd sought out the information about the grants.

b.  Day After Thanksgiving – Day Off
Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving has been granted as a day off to town hall employees.  It is not an official holiday.  Selectman Sibley suggested the holiday be incorporated. First Selectman Griswold stated it is wise to vote on it every year because the two union contracts do not include it.  Selectman Seviere made a motion that this year the town hall will be closed on the day after Thanksgiving. Selectman Sibley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Public Comment:
David Woolley applauded the Selectmen for moving along on the emergency management area.  He feels it is necessary to get this in place and relate it to the town’s people by working with neighbors to the north in case of evacuation due to an emergency.  First Selectman Griswold stated that, if there is a nuclear incident, it is important to listen to the Governor who may give orders to evacuate to New Haven. The school will have a drill next week evacuating the students to the Lyme school and some of the parents will meet their children in Lyme as part of the drill.

Registrar Pat McCarthy stated that October 21 is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming election.  The last session on Monday, November 3, will be to register people who have just moved to town since October 21, turned 18 or have become new citizens.

Bonnie Reemsnyder agreed with Selectman Sibley about the Emergency Management Director job description.  It should be reviewed with Dave Roberge to see if it is fine tuned enough.  First Selectman Griswold stated it is expected that Dave Roberge will give the Selectmen a plan on the information he now has and have a quarterly historical report on his accomplishments. Bonnie also suggested putting information in the Old Lyme Times on a regular basis a number to call or a form to fill out for anyone who has special needs in case of an evacuation or any emergency.

Other Business:
Selectman Sibley inquired about the reimbursement by the State on the Town Woods project.  First Selectman Griswold reported that on October 14th the town received $450,000 in the Reich & Tang account that represents our request dated Aug. 7th.  

First Selectman Griswold said there will be a Town Meeting on November 3 to discuss the town’s purchase of the Ames property.  He will check with the town attorney to see if the motion in August is sufficient or if Atty. Clarke would like to have a resolution that would completely describe the transaction.
Executive Session: None

Adjournment:  A motion was made by Selectman Sibley and seconded by Selectman Sevieri to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 P.M.

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