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BOS Minutes 05/19/03
Old Lyme Board of Selectmen
Regular Meeting May 19, 2003

The Board of Selectmen held a regular meeting at 4:00 P.M. on Monday, May 19, 2003 at Memorial Town Hall Auditorium.  Those present were First Selectman Timothy Griswold, Selectman Skip Sibley and Selectman Tom Bice.

1.  Approval of Minutes:
Selectman Sibley made a motion, which was seconded by Selectman Bice, to approve the minutes of April 29, 2003 and May 5, 2003 as presented.  SO VOTED.

2.  Communications:
a.  Letter to Jack Tiffany – Use of Town Woods Property
First Selectman Griswold sent a letter to Jack Tiffany confirming that the construction of the recreational facility will preclude growing corn on the property. Mr. Tiffany was thanked for his care of the property and was wished good luck in the future.

b.  Letter to Matthew Rice – Student Leaders
First Selectman Griswold sent a letter to Matthew Rice, Chairman of the Student Leaders, on behalf of the Board of Selectmen thanking him and the students involved in the annual gratitude dinner at which a number of volunteers in town were honored.

3.  Appointments:

4.  Old Business:
a.  Town Woods Park - Update
The Town Woods Park Committee voted John Roach as the Clerk of the Works.  The position involves being a representative for the Town of Old Lyme and Lyme in supervising, along with Vollmer, the Town Woods Park project.  He will observe, take notes, keep a log and report to the building committee.   It was recommended to offer him a stipend of $5,000 for 10 hours per week for the forecasted 21-week construction time.  It will be necessary for the Board of Finance to approve.  A motion was made by Selectman Sibley for the Board of Selectmen to approve engaging John Roach as Clerk of the Works and to receive the stipend of $5,000 paid monthly over five months.  Selectman Bice seconded the motion.

Selectman Sibley questioned whether Vollmer will define the job of the Clerk of the Works? First Selectman Griswold replied that Vollmer and John Roach would work together so they have an understanding of their separate jobs.     
The Board of Selectmen was in favor of the motion.  SO VOTED.

The bid opening will occur at 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, May 22, 2003 in the Old Lyme Town Hall Conference Room.  The bids will be opened, recorded and no decision will be made at that time but is expected to be made by Thursday, May 29, 2003. The DEP sent information on the STEAP grant regarding a list of conditions that must be performed having to do with the project.  Town Attorney Marylin Clarke has been given a copy. First Selectman Griswold and Lyme First Selectman Koch will meet to address  scheduling a closing of the 25% interest in the property, the construction agreement,  the operating agreement and an agreement on the various costs paid by Old Lyme to be reimbursed by Lyme.    
b.  Roche Property Committee - Update
The Roche Property Committee met on May 15, 2003.  John Rhodes provided a drawing of the access from Lyme Street to the school property that included a bus lane with an island and two lanes closer to the Grange for student drop off.  It will be necessary to obtain an easement from the Grange.  The committee will be making recommendations for the use of the house.

c.  Hartford Avenue Task Force – Update
Selectman Bice stated that people who have shown interest in serving on an advisory committee are Joe Camean, Bob Jose, Angelo Fianza, Leonard Coco, and Lee White.  Selectman Bice volunteered to serve as chairman.  Selectman Sibley suggested someone from the land use commission be on the committee.  Selectman Bice stated that this committee would be relying on Ann Brown for zoning advice.

d.  Pump-out Boat – Update
The DEP has operated a pump-out boat on the Connecticut River for the past three years
funded 25% by the State of Connecticut and 75% by a Federal grant.  The boat offered the service of pumping out septage without charge to marinas and boats on moorings.    The average number of pump outs has been approximately 1,000 per season thus helping to preserve the river. Funding by the DEP has been eliminated due to State cutbacks.  The Lower Connecticut River Selectmen’s group, with the exception of Old Saybrook, agrees to participate in funding the DEP’s 25% share.  There is a possibility that share could be less because the marine trade groups are providing goods and services. The budget is $40,000 and the six towns were asked to provide $1,600 each. Some things may be provided at no cost allowing the shares to be reduced from $1,600 each to $1,000 or $1,200.  Lyme has volunteered to serve in an administrative capacity. The Old Lyme Harbor Commission is in agreement with the idea.  First Selectmen Griswold sent a memo to the Chairman of the Board of Finance making a recommendation that the Town of Old Lyme participate in the funding of the pump-out boat to a maximum of $1,600.  Funds might be withdrawn from the Harbor Management account that has a balance of  $7,600 assuming the Harbor Management Commission agrees.  The commitment would be to operate the boat for one year only.  Selectman Sibley raised questions about operation of the boat and the liability.  First Selectman Griswold answered that the licensed operators of the boat for the past three years will probably be coming back and the nearby State DEP could be of assistance if necessary. The boat would remain under the auspices of the DEP, so the towns would not assume ownership of the boat.  Old Lyme citizen Jack Alexander agreed with the Selectman of Old Saybrook who stated that he did not want to use taxpayer money to underwrite a service for recreational boat owners nor compete with private marinas.  Mr. Alexander feels there could be a $5 contribution from the boat owners for the service. Selectman Sibley made a motion to recommend to the Town of Old Lyme Board of Finance the maximum of  $1,600 as proposed for one year only.  Selectman Bice seconded the motion for discussion.  SO VOTED.

e.  Rowing Association – Payroll Processing by Town of Old Lyme
The Rowing Association payroll was formerly handled through the Town of Old Lyme as an expense under Park & Recreation and a like amount of income was credited through a miscellaneous income making it neutral to the bottom line.  The Board of Finance decided not to fund the payroll for the Rowing Association since this program is not under the jurisdiction of Park & Rec.  The Rowing Association looked into alternatives and found they would have to have Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.  It would cost approximately $5,000 for a payroll of $10,000 as well as $630 for payroll processing.  The town’s Workmen’s Compensation premium would not go up as a result of having the association on the payroll.  In the past, there have been 31 high school rowers, 52 middle school rowers, and eight adults.  The association reimburses the town for the costs of the payroll and the FICA.  The school cannot fund this kind of activity when the sport is not in season.  After careful consideration, the recommendation is to handle the Rowing Association payroll through the town.   Selectman Sibley made a motion to support restoring the Rowing Association payroll to the budget.  Selectman Bice seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.  

f.  Information Systems Advisory Committee – Formation
Selectman Bice reported that there is a group that could provide a core to an advisory committee including himself, District #18 technology specialists Tammy Stearns and Phil Young, as well as Charlie Delinks, Ted Crosby, and Bob Cashman.  Selectman Sibley made a motion to name the six above-mentioned individuals to comprise the Advisory Information Systems Committee.  First Selectman Griswold seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

5.  New Business:
a.  Memorial Day Parade – Use of Roche Property Lawn
The Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday, May 26, 2003.  The lawn of the Roche property on Lyme Street will be used by the Lions Club to provide food service and the Rowing Association, which will offer fried dough.      

b.  Lyme-Old Lyme High School Key Club
First Selectman Griswold attended a charter celebration of the Lyme-Old Lyme High School Key Club that is part of the Kawanis.  The Key Club will be doing projects such as Salvation Army Bell Ringers, volunteers at Bride Brook Rehab Center, Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner, Special Olympics at Powder Ridge, High Hopes, landscaping at Center School, set up for school assembly, travel to Pawcatuck for Key Club training and interclub activities, and travel to Springfield for a meeting.  A number of high school students desire to volunteer for the community.

6.  Public Comment:

7.  Other Business:
First Selectman Griswold mentioned that the dinghy dock dedication was well received.  

First Selectman Griswold read a memorandum of understanding, which he will execute regarding the planning, and implementation of emergency smallpox counter measures.  Old Lyme citizens should go to Waterford High School to be inoculated.

8.  Executive Session:   

9.  Adjournment:
A motion was made by Selectman Bice and seconded by Selectman Sibley to adjourn at
5:57 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Coffee, Clerk

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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