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Lymes’ Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting 04/17/2017
Lymes’ Senior Center Board of Directors Meeting

April 17, 2017

PRESENT:  Sue Campbell, Diane Blackwell, Ann Griffith, Stephanie Lyon-Gould, Dot McAndrew, Gary Weed, Diana Seckla, Mary Miles, Jeri Baker, Doris Johnson

ABSENT:  Johnny Cody, Ruth Young

CALL TO ORDER:  Sue Campbell at 1:00

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Accepted with a correction to the Director’s Notes.  “Someone is needed to open and close the Center ‘April 17 and April 19’. “ Motion made by Gary Weed, Second by Gary Weed.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould, Doris Hungerford.  Accepted as submitted.  Motion made by Jeri Baker, Second by Diane Blackwell.


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould, Doris Johnson.  The 102nd Army Band cannot perform the August 3rd Concert but have indicated a willingness to send a full band next year.  Four firm concerts are planned for this year.  
Jeri Baker - All Pro has given a contribution towards the first concert -“Eight to the Bar”.  She will be following up with others possible donors by personal contact and email.  

DIRECTOR’S NOTES:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould.  
Donna Scott, who facilitates an exercise class on Monday mornings for approximately 17 participants, has recently completed CES,  Cancer Exercise training.  She would like to offer a Surviving & Moving class twice a week for 11 weeks @ $5.00/class or $110.  She needs at least 8 people with a maximum of 15.  Stephanie would like to open the class to all eligible adults and offer 4 discounted memberships based on need using Social Services as a guide.  
Jeri Baker put forth a motion for Stephanie Lyon-Gould to further explore and plan the class and discount offer and come back to the Board with a complete plan.  Diane Blackwell seconded the motion.
Stephanie Lyon-Gould requested authorization from the Board to purchase a cordless phone because she and Joni share one phone. Diane Blackwell put forth a motion to authorize the purchase.  Motion made by Gary Weed, Seconded by Ann Griffith.

BUILDING USE:  Mary Miles.  The building is busy all the time.   Sign in’s for March - 1090.  The St. Patrick’s Day luncheon had 116 attendees.

PROPERTY:  Gary Weed.  The property is in good shape.  The front handicapped door works and the air conditioning system is currently being installed.  

PUBLICITY:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould will publicize the upcoming Concerts.


VOTE ON NEW BOARD MEMBER:  Joan Bonvicin indicated she would be willing to serve on the board, replacing Nancy Campbell who recently stepped down.  Gary Weed put forth a motion to accept and recommend to the Board of Selectmen.  All in favor.  

UPDATE ON HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould.  The installation is in process and should be completed within the next two weeks.

UPDATE ON VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON:  Stephanie Lyon-Gould.  Mystic Market came in with the best price.  The decision was made to use paper plates and plastic utensils.  The luncheon date is May 10th with a response deadline of May 3rd.

UPDATE ON FUNDRAISING:  Jeri Baker (for Concert Series).  All Pro had donated and she is following up on other interested donors.  Diane Blackwell (Annual Appeal Fund)  The friends letter has gone out and the donations to date are approximately $10,000.  

OTHER OLD BUSINESS:  Jeri Baker.  The art board has been installed and just needs to be painted.
Diane Blackwell.  The locksmith is coming to install locks on some of the cabinets of Vi’s Coffee Bar.  The bulletin board over the coffee bar is being removed and rehung elsewhere.
Diane Blackwell requested authorization for up to $100 to purchase 5 low, slow growing, juniper evergreen shrubs for the Memorial Garden.  Doris Johnson presented the motion to authorize, Gary Weed seconded.  


LOOK FOR A NEW CHAIRPERSON FOR NEXT YEAR:  Sue Campbell is interested in remaining on the Board but would like to step down as Chairperson.  The Chairperson needs to be a Board member and the position description is in the ByLaws.

OTHER NEW BUSINESS:   Ann Griffith.  Soup spoons are needed for the kitchen.  Jeri Baker introduced a motion to purchase and Diana Seckla seconded.
Stephanie Lyon-Gould.  Stephanie needs the price and firm date for the August Lobster Bake by May 19th.  
Stephanie Lyon-Gould.  The Center should do something in the future for Doris Hungerford, Treasurer.  Sue Campbell mentioned the Holidays would be a good time to think about it.

Meeting adjourned at 2:05.  Jeri Baker moved to adjourn.  All were in favor.

NEXT MEETING:  May 15, 2017

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Emery
Recording Secretary

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM