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Rogers Lake Authority Minutes 12/13/2017
MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF December 13, 2017  
A meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority (RLA) was convened at the Rogers Lake Clubhouse at 7:30 PM on December 13th.  The following members were present: Dennis Overfield, Richard Smith, Robert Recor, Tom Mondelci and Toni Phillips.  Five local attendees were also present. The minutes were typed by Nicole Krol.
The meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority was called to order at 7:31pm by Dennis Overfield.
A motion to approve the minutes from November, meeting was made by Tom, Rob second.  The vote was unanimously approved.

Lake Patrol
Dennis stopped in to check on the RLA boat, the tent had collapsed from the snow.  He brought it to Reynolds and they fixed it.  It is now in town garage.
A weed mat was retuned and deployed in front of Carolyn Reed’s home where the large floating island came in.  
Old Business
New Business
Rob has done some research on water quality testing and updated the board on his findings.  He requested the water quality reports from the town of Old Lyme for the last 3 years.  The town tests public water fronts from May thru August.  E.coli is present throughout those months tested.  Many would like more expansive testing throughout Rogers Lake.  It would be an option to purchase a testing kit for RLA use.  Rob will continue his research on water quality testing.
Tom had a tan slime on his dock and it is thought to be a type of algae.   If large algae blooms are found one should contact the state.

Solitude Lake Management has issued their 2017 Annual Summary Report for the herbicide treatment. ~Again, this year they have recommended the use of the Reward herbicide (diquat). ~Diquat is more effective on the variable leaf milfoil than the Clipper herbicide. ~Using the diquat will allow the reduction in strength of Clipper that targets Fanwort, and thus the impact Clipper is having on the native weeds. ~Using diquat will preclude any dredging or hydro-raking that results in removal of material from the lake. ~Thus, the use of diquat is not any option.
The town transfer station will be accepting the large floating material from the lake as “leaves”.  There are many more floating islands around the lake which raises concern for residents.  The floating islands seem to be a result of the herbicide treatment, they must be removed by hand, they can be composted or mixed with dirt, there is no other issue with these masses other than that they are a nuisance.  After next season’s treatment there will most likely be more floating islands. The herbicide should only be attacking the milfoil and fanwort.  It seems the lilies are affected immediately after the treatment, they then come back by the end of the summer.
Bonnie has requested a quote for the same treatment of the lake for next season.  Dennis asked the board if they would like to approach the selectman with an alternative to the original treatment plan.
He has explored a couple options to deal with the floating islands.  One option is hydro raking, the cost of hydro raking is $2000 for the rake transport, then $1800 a day, to dispose of the material is an additional cost. There is money set aside for the herbicide treatment but if the herbicide concentrate is reduced the treatment would cost less and there would be money left over for hydro raking or lake research.  It would be ideal to have a professional opinion or third-party assessment.  NEE put together the original proposal, they may work out as the third party.  After much discussion all agreed to proceed with the recommended treatment for the third season.  In addition, RLA will continue to search for ways to remove the large floating islands and continue to be involved in the herbicide treatment plans for this upcoming season and beyond.  If there is not money in the town budget for additional removal of materials in the lake an attendee suggested RLA board may want to consider raising funds. An attendee asked: what will happen after the three-year treatment plan is up?  There is not a plan for the fourth season yet.
Dennis will not attend the meeting in January he will have information for the board to discuss at the meeting.
Note: An attendee mentioned they would like to have a notice before the herbicide is applied, they live at the opposite side of the lake and did not realize the lake was being treated this past season.
Motion to adjourn was made by Dick and Tom second, motion passed by unanimous vote. The meeting ended at 8:52 PM.  
Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Krol, Secretary for RLA, 

The next meeting of the Rogers Lake Association will be on January 10th, at 7:30PM at the Rogers Lake
West Shores Clubhouse.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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