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Rogers Lake Authority Minutes 09/13/2017
MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF September 13, 2017  
A meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority (RLA) was convened at the Rogers Lake Clubhouse at 7:30 PM on September 13th.  The following members were present: Dennis Overfield, Richard Smith, Robert Recor, Tom Mondelci and Toni Phillips.  Eleven local attendees were also present. The minutes were typed by Nicole Krol.
The meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority was called to order at 7:32pm by Dennis Overfield.
A motion to approve the minutes from August with correction was made by Rob Recor, Dick Smith second.  The vote was unanimously approved.
Correction made:  the referenced row boat incident sited under lake patrol was an 8-man scull.
Lake Patrol
There was a complaint from a local attendee about the jet ski’s flying around the lake after permitted jet ski hours.
RLA would like to issue tickets to those not following the rules of the lake.  DEEP will only address state ordinances, the town ordinances are addressed by the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme.  RLA is working with the town to enforce it’s ordinances.  Next season the RLA will consider putting the patrol boat out when the rowers are on the lake during evening hours.   A suggestion was made that the RLA boat have a single phone with the number on the side of the boat so that patrol can be contacted for lake issues to be addressed in a timely fashion.  Troopers on board the patrol boat next season will have a phone for communication. If anyone has issues on the lake they may call 911, explain the issue and they will redirect to the appropriate department.
Dick received a thank you card from a lake resident whom had issues with jet skis and with DEEP.
Dick is looking for help painting the bottom of the RLA boat once it is taken out of the lake, Dennis and a few local attendees offered to help with the painting.
The was much discussion about ordinances and the amount of horsepower allowed on the lake.  Rob suggested the RLA discuss further after the 1st of the year. RLA will collect data and come up with a resolution and proposal for possibly changing the hose power limit and enforcing town ordinances.
There is green algae growing in front of a lake front property and there is concern it may be related to septic issues.  Old Lyme requires residents to pump out septic every 5 years, Lyme does not have an ordinance for septic pump outs.

The lake is now at the max draw down. The fire drain pipes are out of the water now that the lake is down.  Some of the attendees would like notice of the lake draw down so they are able to contract work to be done ahead of time.  The lake reaches the 14” mark after about a week of draw down.
Weed mat update:  Tom Baher could not attend the meeting tonight but there is money in the budget for weed mats. The board would like to have a plan for the mats and requests to be made before purchasing.
There is still money left in the budget to get the lake patrol going early in next year’s season.
Old Business
Now that the lake water level is down the RLA would like to go out and move the tree in the boat launch area.  Dennis proposed Saturday, September 30th, with a rain date of October 1st.
New Business
Rowers are active, a suggestion to remind them to have lights on their boats and to wear life jackets for safety was made.
CT Confederate of lakes conference will be held Oct 14th.
Alewives study is going to be going on for 5 weeks, studying fish and water quality.  The professor running the study is willing to come in and present data to RLA.  
Bonnie received a complaint there was an invasive plant called hydrilla, the location is unknown.    
The Haynes park was shut down once during the 2017 season.  There is typically a company who uses dogs to chase the geese from the Haines park.  Dennis will ask who the town may have contracted to maintain the geese this past season.
September 24th, 6am-1pm, there is a fishing tournament scheduled.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dick and Tom second, motion passed by unanimous vote. The meeting ended at 8:48 PM.  
Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Krol, Secretary for RLA, 

The next meeting of the Rogers Lake Association will be on October 11, at 7:30PM at the Rogers Lake
West Shores Clubhouse.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

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