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Rogers Lake Authority Minutes 08/09/2017
A meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority (RLA) was convened at the Rogers Lake Clubhouse at 7:30 PM on August 9th.  The following members were present: Dennis Overfield, Richard Smith, Robert Recor, and Toni Phillips. Five local attendees were also present.  The minutes were typed by Nicole Krol.
The meeting of the Rogers Lake Authority was called to order at 7:32pm by Dennis Overfield.
A motion to approve the minutes from July was made by Dick Smith, Rob Recor second, the vote was unanimously approved.
Lake Patrol
The lake patrol has been very busy they are doing a nice job and very professional while stopping boaters for safety issues.  An incident involving 2 jet skis and a boat was reported to DEEP and Dick as well,  DEEP has followed up on the report.  There was an incident on the 7th of August, a power boat came headed straight for a row boat and turned at the last minute, they have caused a great concern for the safety of those on the lake.   Dick received many emails about the incident and a very good description of the boat was given.  Dennis made a motion to authorize the patrol boat to be out on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings while the rowers are on the lake, Rob second, the motion passed unanimously.
Post treatment survey was conducted on August 4th.  The survey lasted about 3 hours, Dennis observed a floating sediment but Colin from Solitude was not concerned and said it was a type of algae.  The native plants have recovered from the shock of the treatment.  There was only one fanwort sitting above the boat launch, the milfoil is still present but greatly reduced.  There are areas where the gasses are pushing some of the decaying weeds up towards the surface, residents can take advantage and pull them from the lake, this may not be caused by the treatment.  Solitude was pleased with the overall results of the herbicide treatment.  There was recommendation for RLA to get a third-party opinion for other treatments and recommendations for future applications.  The board would like to have a third party attend next year’s pretreatment survey for future recommendations.

Nothing new to report.
Old Business
Weed mat update:  Dennis reported he has had weed mats out in front of his home for six years and there is very little growth underneath them.  He has placed weed mats out in a section where there is a layer of oak leaves 11” deep, he would like to see if they help the breakdown of the leaves.  The RLA would like to purchase more weed mats for use next season they can be quite effective.
Dick contacted the resident with the tree down in the boat launch area and they said RLA could remove the tree anytime.
DEEP needs to be contacted concerning the metal dock near the boat launch, to remove, it needs to be determined a hazard to navigation before the removal can take place.
New Business
Robert Roach has resigned as a board member of the RLA and Toni Phillips has filled the board position, the transition has been noted at both Lyme and Old Lyme Town Hall.
The CT Confederate of Lakes conference is going to be held in Goshen, CT on Saturday, October 14th.
Fishing tournaments are in the evening now, scheduled for August 11, 13 and 26th.
Every leap year Rogers Lake is to be lowered in the fall so that landowners can perform any maintenance at the water’s edge.~ That did not happen this past year because of the drought.
The drawdown will take place this fall as follows:
The drawdown will start after Labor Day and the full drawdown of a maximum of 14 inches should occur by mid-September.
The drawdown will be maintained from mid-September to the first of November.

The fall Old Lyme’s events update is needed by this Friday.
Dennis met with the conservation committee and they would be open to working together on an educational fertilizer program for the public.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dick and Toni second, motion passed by unanimous vote. The meeting ended at 8:39 PM.  
Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Krol, Secretary for RLA, 

The next meeting of the Rogers Lake Association will be on September 13th at 7:30PM at the Rogers Lake
West Shores Clubhouse.

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM