Town of Old Lyme, CT
52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371
ph: (860) 434-1605
Registrar of Voters
Contact TypeContact Information
, Democratic registrar (434-1605 x 226)
, Republican registar (434-1605 x 226)
Memorial Town Hall, 52 Lyme St. 
Old Lyme ,CT 06371 
860 434-1605 X 226
860 434-1400
Monday 1 pm to 4 pm
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 Registrar of Voters:
Marylin Clarke (D)              Catherine Carter (R)

Office Hours are Monday 1pm – 4pm.

People can register to vote Monday through Friday in the Town Clerk’s office if Registrars are not available.  
Absentee ballots are available through the Town Clerk's office -- not through the Registrars. Phone the Town Clerk at 434-1605, ext. 221

For more voter registration information, phone  (860) 434-1605 x 226