Town of Old Lyme, CT
52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371
ph: (860) 434-1605
Police Services Options Committee
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Committee members
Matthew Reed
Beth Sullivan
Matthew Ward
Fred Callahan
Angelo Faenza
Keith Coakley
Michael Miller
Harvey Gemme, alternate
Police Service Options Committee

The charge of the Police Services Options Committee is to provide the Board of Selectmen with recommendations for the collaboration with the Town of East Lyme to provide policing services for the Town of Old Lyme, or other viable options that may be identified by the committee.

At a minimum this will include:
  • Evaluate the current model of providing police services through the resident trooper program
  • Evaluate the police service needs of the Town of Old Lyme
  • Research services of consultant to aid in information gathering
  • Research all aspects and impacts of collaboration with East Lyme Police Services, including but not limited to:
  • Operating Costs
  • Capital Costs
  • Current capital assets
  • Representation of Old Lyme on Police Commission
  • Agreement language
  • Option for termination
  • Scheduling and Coverage
  • Impact on current town officers
  • Chain of Command
  • Services to Beach Area during busy summer months
  • Revenue from town parking tickets
  • Collaboration with community stake holders
  • Confirm that state statute allows for one police department to serve two communities
  • Research the process for implementation
  • Make a final recommendation to the BOS
  • Other necessary tasks as needed
As this would be the first regionalized police department in CT, it is vitally important to assure all aspects are thoroughly reviewed for the potential impacts before making a recommendation.

The Committee will be comprised of seven members, appointed for the duration of the committee. Once a recommendation is made to the committee, their charge will be considered completed, and the committee terminated, unless the Board of Selectmen determine continuation is necessary.

The Committee must meet the same FOI requirements as Boards and Commissions with respect to the posting of agendas and minutes for Regular & Special Meetings.
Arrangements for Town Hall access and use of meeting space can be made through the Selectman’s Office.
A Committee Meeting schedule should be submitted to the Town Clerk ( and Selectman’s Office ( as soon as it is set. Committee meetings will be open to the public.

It is the Town’s policy to post Committee agendas and minutes on its website under Current Projects.
All Meeting Agendas must be submitted to the Town Clerk ( and Technology Coordinator () at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting.
A Record of Committee Votes must be submitted to the Town Clerk ( and Technology Coordinator () within 48 hours of the Meeting unless the Minutes are filed by then. Minutes must be submitted within 7 calendar days after the meeting.

The committee should provide regular updates to the Board of Selectmen and must submit all proposed RFQ, RFP and Legal Notice documents to the Board of Selectmen for approval.  
All approved RFQs, RFPs, and Legal Notices will be administered through the Selectman’s Office.       

Committee documents must be accessible to the public and available in the Town Hall.       

Each appointee to the Committee will be asked to sign a statement indicating both your willingness to participate as a member of the Committee, and your acknowledgment that as a committee member, you will abide by the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is available in the Town Clerk’s office and on the Town Clerk’s page on the Town website (

rev: 1/2/18