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Parks and Recreation Commission Special Meeting Minutes 06/13/2017
Safety Committee                                Minutes                         13 June 2017

Town of Old Lyme Safety Committee
Special Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Present:  Don Bugbee, Chairman (P&R), Kathy Hall (Town Hall), Stephanie Gould (Senior Center), Ed Adanti (PW), Bonnie Reemsnyder (First Selectwoman),  Kazimera Morse (Resident Trooper), Steve Pendl (CIRMA)
Absent:  Lynn Philomen (Animal Control), Ambulance Dept. and Fire Dept.

Call to order and roll call

Chairman Don Bugbee called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m.

Approval of the March 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

A motion was made by K. Hall, seconded by D. Bugbee to approve the minutes of the March 7, 2017 Meeting.  The Motion passed.

Old Business

Town of Old Lyme Emergency Plan

The panic button system has been installed but a written plan needs to be adopted.  John Cote was supposed to write a plan and he has resigned from the Safety Committee.  Steve Pendl from CIRMA said he will check out the different plans and see what plan is best.  The problem issue has been how to determine who pressed the panic button when the call goes to Valley Shore.

Fire Drills

Don Bugbee said he would call Tom Risom to see who would represent the Fire Department at the Safety Meeting.  David Dow will be called to see if he plans to continue setting the fire drills.

Cross Lane Parking Lot

LED lighting program has been approved for a Town wide installation and the First Selectwoman will be signing the contract very soon.  Portable lighting will still be used for voting.

No Smoking Policy

Positive and negative comments regarding the “No Smoking Policy”.  Bonnie said she has heard from a number of residents that agree with the policy.  Right now nothing can be enforced as it is a policy and not an ordinance.


Don Bugbee stated that life guards and parking attendants have access to AED’s.  Little League Park has an AED and an AED was donated by Parks and Rec for the new boathouse which will be kept inside the building. Outdoor locations need to be established for the AED’s but the problem is weather and vandalism.  The new bathrooms at Hain’s Park will be equipped with cameras to help with vandalism.

Safety Committee Goals

The Rangers and Public Works employees will be taking a class on “Traffic Control”.  Ed Adanti also stated he is trying to set up a class on big equipment safety.  Bonnie asked if CIRMA could setup an OSHA Inspection for the Public Works complex.  Park and Rec life guards are certified and the counselors are trained with critical skills.  Best policy is to train employees with safety skills.  

Anyone that has concerns should contact Don Bugbee, Bonnie Reemsnyder or our Facilities Manager, Phil Parcak.

New Business

Steve Pendl (CIRMA) stressed the increase in the number of cyber attacks.  CIRMA is hosting seminars on cyber classes and asking Towns to host classes.  Bonnie offered to have Old Lyme host a seminar.  Steve said random attacks are prominent and be aware of thumb drives being left on counters.

Towns shouldn’t put too much info on their websites.  Hackers can check out construction companies to hack their computers.  Steve states that E. Learning classes are becoming popular due to the availability on-line.

Public Comment

Don Bugbee questioned how the crowds of summer people can be controlled at the beaches.  Our Resident Trooper stated that the Rangers are constantly in contact with her and when it gets too congested they shutdown Hartford Avenue.  It was suggested that private lots install signs and chains indicating “no parking”.  


A Motion was made by E. Adanti, seconded by S. Gould to adjourn the June 13, 2017 Safety Committee meeting.  The Motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Hall
Kathy Hall


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