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Historic District Commission Minutes 09/11/2017
Historic District Commission Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting
Monday, September 11, 2017

Memorial Town Hall, 52 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT
REGULAR: John Forbis (Vice Chairman), Barbara Traskos
ALTERNATE: Cynthia Taylor, Jeff Cooley
John Pfeiffer, Dini Mallory
David Duncan, Steven Ross, Gary Parrington, Caroline Walters, Reno Migani, Mary Seidner,
Call to order, Quorum call, Approval of minutes, Communications
Public Open Forum
Plaque Program Update
90 Lyme St
Public Hearing: Lyme Art Association, 90 Lyme Street, new shingles & trim
90 Lyme St
Lyme Art Association, Parking lot lighting
59 Lyme St
Lyme’s Youth Service Bureau, new sign
Secretary’s Report - Handbook update, Active CofAs, Town Report
Any other new or old business to come before the Commission (Congregational Church signs & banners)

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. by Vice Chairman John Forbis. Mr. Forbis authorized Cynthia Taylor and Jeff Cooley to vote in place of John Pfeiffer and Dini Mallory.
Jeff Cooley moved, seconded by Cynthia Taylor, to approve the July minutes as presented. The minutes were approved.
1. Communications: Keith Rosenfeld, ZEO, sent a letter to the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme regarding the signs and banners which were removed at the request of the HDC.
2. Public Open Forum: no participation

3. Plaque Program Update: Martha Hansen
209 Mile Creek Road: Research is continuing.
32 Lyme Street: Cynthia Taylor has been working on the research. Her house was moved to its location after it was built.
5 Bailey Road: Alexandra Escher is interested in a historic plaque for her home, believed to have been built by Captain Cunningham ca 1820. Martha Hansen will work with her on the project.
26 Sill Lane: Caroline Ronchini has requested historical information about her home. Martha Hansen will contact her.

4. Public Hearing: Lyme Art Association, 90 Lyme Street, new shingles & Trim.
Caroline Walters submitted a CofA application to replace the shingles and trim on the LAA building. Other improvements will be made also; Reno Migani, of Centerbrook Architects, distributed the plans. The trim will be of Azek and will duplicate the current color and style. The existing cedar shingles will be replaced with new western red cedar shingles and will be left to weather naturally. On the west side of the building (facing away from Lyme Street) panels will be added to enclose the lower area which will screen the storage of trash bins, etc. The existing deck and staircase will be redone and egress improved. Some lighting fixtures will be changed on the south (Hall’s Road) side of the building.
Gutters will be replaced, and on the east façade facing Lyme Street the spotlights on the building will be removed, replaced with soft up-lighting towards the building. The lights will be on a timer. There were no objections from neighbors.
Motion: John Forbis moved, seconded by Barbara Traskos, to approve the CofA as presented for one year, all present voted in favor, motion passed.

5. Public Hearing continued: Lyme Art Association, 90 Lyme Street, install new lights in parking area.
David Duncan, of Needham Duncan Architecture in Old Lyme, presented plans for new parking lot lighting that will be on short posts scattered around the perimeter of the parking lot. The new fixtures, with cone-shaped downlights, will be hidden in the trees and create enough light for safety, without being intrusive. The lights will be installed by Winterberry Gardens in Southington. There were no objections from neighbors.
John Forbis made a motion, seconded by Jeff Cooley, to approve the CofA for one year as presented. All in favor, motion passed.

6. Lyme’s Youth Service Bureau, 59 Lyme Street, new sign.
Mary Seidner presented preliminary plans for a new sign. The existing sign is on the building and needs to be improved. It does not have the correct name on it and is not noticeable from the street. She would like a sign that is larger, lighted, and includes the LYSB logo. A post and arm sign would be blocked from view when cars are parked in front of the building, so Ms. Seidner would prefer to install the new sign on the building, in the same location as the existing sign. The HDC encouraged her to return in October or November with finalized plans.

7. Secretary’s Report:  
Martha Hansen and Dini Mallory are working on updates to the Historic District handbook.
Jim Meehan, of James Meehan Art Design, has agreed to work with us on layout and photographs.

The HDC’s annual Town Report is due on October 1. Martha Hansen will prepare a rough draft and email it to the HDC members.

Active (Open) CofAs: 55 Lyme Street, screening fence for propane tank and AC unit.

8. Any Other New or Old Business:
The signs and banners at the Congregational Church have been removed at the request of the HDC.

Cynthia Taylor would like to make some improvements to her driveway, which exits on Beckwith Lane. The surface will be oiled stone. Ms. Taylor has spoken to her neighbors who did not object. A public hearing will be held at the October HDC meeting.

9. Adjournment: Cynthia Taylor made a motion, seconded by Jeff Cooley, to adjourn the meeting at 10:22      am. John Forbis, Cynthia Taylor, Jeff Cooley, and Barbara Traskos voted in favor, motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Hansen

52 Lyme St, Old Lyme, CT 06371  (860) 434-1605

Town Hall Hours  Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM